A bit of blocking magic

I made 3 different flowers from the simply crochet magazine issue 73. I was pleased with how they turned out especially as I didn’t find the patterns completely easy to follow. I’m not sure if there was a misprint in the instructions or if I was just confusing myself, but anyway they turned out OK. I wish I’d done a different colour in the middle of the turquoise flower, but as that was the first one, I learnt from it and changed colours on the next 2.

I was bothered by the fact that the petals were curling, and having just been camping I had a camping mat handy and decided to see if blocking helped. I guess I’ve not really blocked before because I couldn’t believe that spraying a bit of water on things and pinning them out would really have any effect, but I am converted! I made do with a selection of safety pins

And here’s how they turned out!

I’m so pleased with them and am especially thrilled with how the daisy looks. Just got to hope they survive traveling to the States and don’t curl up again on the journey!

Ooh, and just so you know, I ordered the cute mini skeins

from twist loop turn on etsy. The turquoise and another one that I haven’t got with me have a bit of sparkle in them. She’s a fellow blogger (check out her blog here). Her mini skein surprise set came with a free stitch marker and look how cute it is 🤗

Plus, while I’m mentioning etsy shops, do please go and check out my next door neighbour’s shop blue cardigan art. She’s just recently opened and sells really cute pot holders /heat mats that she’s made on a vintage loom. She’s also called Julia!