Crochet bag

I’ve finally finished making a granny square bag that has been in my head for ages.

I followed the instructions for this octagon granny square, which was really easy to follow with useful photos to show exactly what the instructions meant. I’d definitely use more patterns by this designer.

Once I’d made two squares and discovered they were miraculously the same size, I double crocheted them together and made a long handle so it can go cross body.

Because of the holes in the crochet I needed to line it and here’s where things went pear shaped! I Measured it, and measured it again, and laid the cotton squares (using up the last main bits of the butterfly batik 🙁) against the bag, and it looked OK. I didn’t want them too big as I wanted them to sit inside the bag neatly, but somehow they ended up with about a 2cm gap all round the edge. I was so frustrated and still don’t really know how it happened… I even thought I’d given a bit of a seam allowance.

But I fixed it a bit by crocheting together the gaps at the top either side of the lining so it doesn’t look bad…. It’s just not how I intended it!