Inktober day 11 – cruel

The first time I saw footage of the effects of plastic on sea animals I welled up in tears. I had to get control of myself as I was working in a year 1 class at the time! But I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I saw how helpless the animals were and how trusting they were that what they were trying to eat was really food. To my shame I’m finding it hard to cut down on plastic… There’s so much that I with my consumer attitude can’t control in terms of packaging… Unless I can curb my consumerist tenancies, which is way easier said than done. At least together everyone’s little changes might begin to have an impact on reducing the amount of plastic that makes its way into the sea.

Here’s my picture of cruelty for the day… It’s our cruelty in polluting the world to the extent that a turtle ends up eating a plastic bag, thinking its a jellyfish.

Based on the second photo in this article


Inktober day 10 – flowing

Well I’ll admit I really didn’t want to think about today’s prompt… I couldn’t imagine producing an even half decent picture of a river or long hair and I couldn’t think of anything different to try. But then I wondered if I should go to my favourite Disney princess and draw Rapunzel from Tangled. Here she is

I used different thicknesses of fine liner to get the different lines in her hair to try to get texture whilst still looking blonde.

Hoorah for a prompt that got me to achieve something I didn’t think I could 😊

Inktober day 9 – precious

I had to think a while before inspiration struck, but I’m beginning to become more aware of how precious bees are and how necessary to life.

Here’s my attempt to draw this photo

Not my best I think but I’m pleased with how fluffy I’ve made him look. I found it hard to get the proportions right, even with sketching a pencil outline first. After several attempts I gave up and went with this as the closest I could manage.

Tomorrow’s prompt is flowing. Oh dear… Not feeling very optimistic about that one 🤔

Inktober day 8 – star

I decided to make today a bit of an easier day and use a star shape that I would fill with doodles and some zentangle patterns.

My aim was to divide the star up and have half of each point in a darker design and half in a lighter design, to try to give it a slightly 3d effect. I went round and did all the darker sections first and almost decided to leave it at that,

but after going out for dinner (mmmm, yummy wagamama!) I decided to fill in the paler sections.

I’m glad I did as it feels a lot more finished now, and I got to try out more patterns and designs. I’m not sure the 3d thing really worked, but I did enjoy not having to make my drawing look like a target picture. It was relaxing just filling in spaces and coloring a bit, which was nice.

Tomorrow’s prompt is precious. I’m going to need to think about that a bit before I get any ideas that don’t involve gollum! 😂

Inktober day 7 – exhausted

I admit my heart’s not in it today, as ironically I am feeling exhausted myself. I didn’t really want to draw, but thought I’d have a go at making a less detailed more cartoony drawing of a sleeping sloth. I don’t think it’s really worked on either of those briefs, but here it is anyway, along with a link to the photo I copied it from.

Inktober day 6 – drooling

Hey there. I may be a glutton for punishment but today’s drawing is another baby’s face! It’s not perfect but I feel it may be an improvement on my attempt at my sleeping nephew!

It’s based on this picture and I used my unipin black fineliners and one of my whsmith grey fineliners to do some of the shading so it wouldn’t be quite so dark. I also added white highlights on the bubbles with a white uniball pen.

Here it is… What do you think?

Again I did a pencil outline to try to get proportions right first, which was helpful as I did have to rub out a few times!!

Inktober day 5 – chicken

I can’t believe it… It’s the second day in a row that I’m pleased with my drawing 🤗🤗. Though I’m not pleased that it no longer looks completely sharp now I’ve put the photo into this post.

There was no way I was going to have another go at a roast chicken, so I trawled the Internet for photos of live chickens. Suddenly I came across this close up and felt really drawn to it. I was planning how I would do it when my husband commented on how much texture there was in the comb. He was saying it was a cool thing but suddenly I lacked confidence in my ability to represent it. Uncharacteristically, as I was about to look for a different picture, I thought “you’ll never know if you could represent it if you don’t have a go at it. And if it looks rubbish you’ll at least learn something from it”.

So I started drawing. I decided to roughly sketch the outline in pencil first so I could make sure I got this in the right place and could concentrate on the texture and detail. Despite that I’ve still got the shape of the back of the comb wrong, but that’s maybe not a problem if you don’t compare it with the original photo.

I actually quite enjoyed stippling today, though I maybe cheated a bit by using a bigger nibbed fine liner pen so I wouldn’t have to do so many dots! Annoyingly, I’ve used the 0.1 nib so much that it’s beginning to run out.

Apparently you’re meant to choose one shading technique so there is continuity in your picture, so I worried that the hatching in the feathers would look odd alongside the stippling of the comb. I’m not sure I could have done it differently though given how different the textures at. What do you think? Any advice?

I’m loving looking at other people’s blogs and seeing what they’ve produced for inktober, and I’m enjoying looking at their shading techniques and trying to learn from them.

Tomorrow’s prompt is drooling 😂. No idea at the moment what I’ll do for that.

Inktober day 4 – spell

First up… This is my favourite picture I’ve produced so far.

It was based on this photo

I went on a long train of thought for the inspiration to get from spell to a goldfinch, but essentially it links to the book ‘the lost words’ which is a book of ‘spells’ to bring lost words (like adder, bluebell and bracken) back into existence. The main illustration on the front cover is a charm of goldfinches with dandelion clocks.

I love birds, and goldfinches are among my favourites (long tailed tits will also be top for me). I enjoyed the challenge of using shading to show the different colours. If I’m being picky I’d say its break is a teeny bit too long, and he could probably be made to look a bit more 3d, but I’m happy with the end result not least because it only took me 25 minutes from start to finish.

Inktober day 2-tranquil

To be honest I’m pretty embarrassed to be showing you all this attempt, but I set myself a big challenge. I found this gorgeous picture of one of my nephews sleeping. I’d considered that many shaded areas around the cheeks and chin would be hard to represent in pen, and I thought this photo didn’t have much until I started drawing. I’d decided to use grey pens in order that the lines wouldn’t look so harsh, and I think that was a good choice, especially as I could add darker greys later which helped to bring depth, and especially helped the mouth to look like his. I realise the eye is on the wrong place, and it doesn’t really look like him, so I can’t say that it’s a success in this way. What is a success is that I had a go, even though I knew it would be hard and couldn’t imagine it looking any good. It was fun to spend that amount of time really studying my nephew’s face, especially as he is now 12!

OK, without further ado, here are the two pictures!

First attempt
Same picture with darker elements added

Today’s prompt is roasted… I’m considering drawing a roast chicken and using it as an oportunity to try out different shading techniques, which I obviously need to practise.

Inktober day 1

Hey there all 🤗

I’m not sure how much of inktober I’ll manage but this is the first year I’ve even thought I’d be able to have a go. The idea is that there are 31 days of prompts for things to draw in ink. The point is that drawing every day for a month would push you to develop your skills.

Day 1’s prompt was ‘poison’. Initially I was totally uninspired by this idea, but when I read about some people picking a theme for their inktober drawings, including Disney princesses I immediately thought of Snow White’s apple. I found a great picture of the old hag offering the apple to her and felt inspired to draw her, and not snow white holding the apple as I’d previously thought.

Here’s the picture I copied

And here’s my attempt/s! As you can see the hand went very wrong as I tried to fit it around the apple, so I had another go underneath, starting with the hand and fitting the apple into it. I had to colour the apple in as the outline went wrong, but I like that that adds to the drama, and the poisonous feel of it.

I’m a little disappointed that I don’t have a complete picture on the first page of my sketchbook, but I feel pleased with myself for producing a much better hand second time round. It’s all about the learning and improvement 😉

Tomorrow’s prompt is tranquil… Any ideas to inspire me? Doesn’t have to be Disney related (though my husband has suggested snow white when she’s dead 😂😂)