Inktober day 19 – scorched

I feel super proud of my drawing today and hope that you might actually recognise it from my picture as it is such an iconic photo from the battle of ypres/paschendale from the first world War.

Incase not, here is the photo I copied.

Growing up I was fascinated by the two world wars, and I was privileged to know a guy in my church who had fought in the first world War. Disappointingly, studying ww1 for gcse history made the whole thing feel very wooden and boring, focusing more on dates and facts than on experiences and events. But then mum took me to chat with Jim, who was reluctant to relive much of his experience, but who told me several stories, including about going over the top, out of the trenches. He went across no man’s land and down into the deserted German trenches the other side. Over there he broke the rules and pulled this prussian hat badge off a hat that had been left behind.

It could have been booby trapped, but he was lucky, and came home with this ‘souvenir’ of his time. Unbelievably he gave it to me, and to this day it is one of my most prized possessions.

It’s been a privilege today to draw this photo, thinking of the men who are in the picture, and all those who fought to keep our freedom.

Inktober day 18 – bottle

Woohoo… My migraine has gone… And I’ve spent time not rushing my picture… And I’ve produced something I could imagine hanging on a pub wall somewhere πŸ€—.

The prompt was bottle, so I decided to have another go at trying to get ellipsis right. I wasn’t overly inspired by just a bottle so decided to pour some wine into a glass and draw that as well. Here are my models

And here is my drawing

And my husband has come home now to drink the wine… I’m not risking bringing the migraine back 🍷

I had fun with this one… Even though i’d never have thought of choosing this as a subject without the inktober prompt.

Inktober day 17 – swollen

OK, I know I just said I wasn’t going to draw, but then I felt disappointed with myself. I’d found this cool photo of the river seine flooded and figured I might as well have a go. The thinking being that a quick rushed picture is better than no picture right??

So here it is!

I should have started with the eiffel tower I think, and starting with the top, then drawing the bottom and then joining them up has resulted in a much fatter structure than was required πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

However, I enjoyed making random squiggles on the trees and grass, and I liked doing the water with the reflections too. Plus it’s always a pleasure to spend time looking at Paris 😊

Inktober day 16 – angular

I’m not sure why but this prompt made me want to draw a kite. I’ve used this photo for inspiration but changed the kite shape to a more traditional shape. It’s another rather rushed picture as I’ve had a migraine all day and decided I’d rather produce a rushed picture than not draw at all.

Her face looks weird, but I like that there is a sense of movement in the picture.

Inktober day 15 – weak

Someone suggested a cup of tea for this prompt, so I decided to have another go at shapes and draw my hot chocolate mug.

I’ve tried to take the photo at a similar angle to the one I drew but it’s not exact.

I’m a bit confused about the ellipsis shape at the opening of the mug. I read somewhere that drawing an ellipsis should be symmetrical, but it didn’t look symmetrical to me when I was looking at the mug.

I’m enjoying the challenge of drawing objects, not using photos. And it was fun to look at the shading on the mug. I find it quite hard to be subtle and accurate with my shading in pen though. But I tried harder with it than I did yesterday. It’s hard when you have big areas to cover though… Anyone got any tips?

Inktober day 14 – clock

I thought it would be interesting to try drawing a simple clock on a slight angle to have a go at perspective. Turns out drawing curved lines is hard.

Plus I started with a pencil drawing and went over with pen. I’ve learnt I either need to make my pencil marks very clear and rub out the ones I don’t want, or I need to make sure I’m really looking at the object as I make my pen marks after. I got the right hand side of it a bit out of proportion when I added pen as I forgot the lines should be different distances apart.

Given that I got fed up and pretty careless with my shading I figure this could be a lot worse, but it’s certainly not one of my favourites!