Impulse buy 🤗

Oh I am so excited to share this post with you. In December I had no sewing machines. Then at Christmas Sissy arrived.

Now, sissy has an older sibling! Welcome to serenity! Hopefully sissy won’t get too upset, she’s still the baby after all!

This came about when I went into a local antiques and vintage store and saw this beauty sitting on the side.

How could I resist??? Do you blame me???

She stayed in the shop last night so we could go and pick her up in the car today.

This afternoon I was going to have a rest but then I decided to find out if she really worked!!

Several you tube videos later and I had succeeded in winding the bobbin and loading it into the shuttle, and I had threaded the main thread. I played around with a scrap of material, quickly discovered you can’t go backwards with a hand crank but have to turn the work so you can oversew it.

Then I made this spring weight infinity scarf for my niece using the flamingo materials she had sent me. I fear it may be too long for her but I think she’ll enjoy it anyway!

Look at this lovely stitching!

I’m loving having a piece of history in my home, especially one so beautiful. I’ve put her to bed under her cover but it seems a shame to hide her really.


Crochet infinity scarf

This is a project i started ages ago. It was going to be a poncho as i’d come  across an idea where you could crochet two rectangles and then sew them together in a clever way that would turn it into a poncho once you’d sewn in a neck line. I used it as an opportunity to use up different colours that i had in my wool box, and to try out different stitches. Prior to this I’d  pretty much only done double and treble crochet but here i tried lots of different things, which will give me confidence in using them in other patterns.

As the rectangle progressed though i realised that even by my standards it was going to be too bright and colourful to wear as a poncho. A friend of ours suggested turning it into an infinity scarf. That seemed like a good idea, but that was back in November and i still hadn’t  done anything about it! This morning the fact that i hadn’t blogged for a few days, linked to the fact that we’re seeing that friend this afternoon motivated me to just get on with it!

So i sat next to our newly adopted guinea pigs, peppa and rosie, and crocheted while listening to their soothing sound of munching on hay!  I decided to crochet the edges together, which I’ve never done before, and rather than try to sew all the ends in (far too many ends to thread!)  i’d try to hook  them under the crochet as i went.  

I’m quite pleased with the view from this side as it looks quite neat and tidy. This was the side i was working on. Not so impressed with the other side of this edge, 

or the bit when i turn it inside out. 

But it’s an infinity scarf/snood thing, and really, who’s gonna look that closely at it when I’m wearing it?! I’m pleased with the end product, and I’m super pleased that I’ve finally turned that rectangle into something I’ll enjoy wearing during the rest of the winter. 

Now to figure out my next creative project and hopefully not leave it so long!