A bit of crochet

So I’ve not posted about my crochet for a while… But I HAVE been doing some! Last weekend I caught up quite a lot with the seaside stash buster blanket and created a lot of ends!

Also a friend of mine and her daughter wanted to learn how to crochet as they’d been given a couple of crochet kits as presents but didn’t know how to crochet. So they came for lunch and the lesson started. E (aged 7) got the chain sussed, but found the next stage too much for the same afternoon. K (her mum) persevered and found a way to hold the wool and wrap yarn and manipulate it all, which was fab. I was really proud of her persevering and her final piece of crochet.

This weekend I kept going with the stashbuster, and yesterday and today I got all the rest of the ends sewn in.

Look no ends!

I particularly liked learning the basket weave stitch, which I’d never done before. Though I did have to play yarn chicken with the green yarn… Lost the first game, so unravelled the incomplete fourth row and re crocheted it with a smaller hook, which got me to 4 sections from the end 🙄. So third game I frogged 2 rows and recrocheted them both. That was the game I won!

Earlier I really enjoyed making the mint choc chip ice cream rows in granny stitch.

I’m feeling rather pleased with myself right now, and hoping I don’t get so far behind again!


Look no ends! Plus happy mail

Well, I wasn’t necessarily planning to get all the ends sewn in, but i couldn’t quite bring myself to start the next C2C panel and decided to just spend a bit of time with the ends. An hour later and look….

They’re all gone!

That was the back, and here’s the front. It’s all ready for some more sections at the weekend.

Plus today I came home to exciting post. Thank you letters from my niecephews (always a joy to see their writing), a lovely parcel from my mum and dad who took two of my niecephews to hobby craft for something and ended up buying me two packs of fat quarters. Nephew number 4 (aged 5) chose me elephant fabrics

And niece (aged 7) chose me tropical ones due to the flamingoes.

I love that they chose them for me. Just got to decide what to make with them now! I think some might go into a patchwork cover for Cissy my sewing machine, and i have ideas about making myself a panel skirt and i think the elephants might have to feature in that!

Also in the post was my first craft box from the subscription my mum and dad gave me for Christmas. It’s a gorgeous copper heart that involves lots of twisting. I was tempted to start on it tonight but when I realised I have no plans for Saturday I figured the ends should maybe take priority for today!

Dealing with ends

This evening I had a bit of time watching TV… There’s a new series of celebrity masterchef! So I could work on some crochet at the same time. I decided to tick one item off my to do list and weave in the ends on my rosie posie granny squares from cherry heart. I always find weaving ends a bit hit and miss , and just make it up as I go along. Is there a specific way it’s meant to be done? 

Having done this I now need to figure out how to join them, and I’d appreciate advice from anyone with ideas please. I really need about an inch between the squares but don’t know  if there’s a way to crochet that size of a border between them. 

Also, i don’t want to join them with one of the colours I’ve already used in the squares as I think that would look odd. At the moment i am considering pale grey. What do people think? 

I also remembered reading a blog about using bits of wool to make pretty dishes (I’m sorry, i don’t remember whose blog it was, though I’m half sure I commented on it… If it’s yours or you know whose it was then please comment before and I’ll link to it) and thought I’d try that with my ends, using the bottom of one of my pretty puffin bowls.

 Unfortunately I didn’t really have enough ends to make it very deep, so it may have to wait for more ends to be added! 

Finally, I carried on crocheting the shawl which is growing to a more decent size. Although each row takes longer to make I’m really enjoying working with this wool in these colours… It’s really soothing. The photo doesn’t do justice to the colours… I’ll try to take a photo in daylight so you can see the moorland colours better. 

Please do let me know :

How do you weave  in ends? 

Is there a way to crochet an inch join between my granny squares? 

What do you think about the pale grey, and do you have any suggestions of other colours that might work? 

Thank you all for your help. 😊

Crochet infinity scarf

This is a project i started ages ago. It was going to be a poncho as i’d come  across an idea where you could crochet two rectangles and then sew them together in a clever way that would turn it into a poncho once you’d sewn in a neck line. I used it as an opportunity to use up different colours that i had in my wool box, and to try out different stitches. Prior to this I’d  pretty much only done double and treble crochet but here i tried lots of different things, which will give me confidence in using them in other patterns.

As the rectangle progressed though i realised that even by my standards it was going to be too bright and colourful to wear as a poncho. A friend of ours suggested turning it into an infinity scarf. That seemed like a good idea, but that was back in November and i still hadn’t  done anything about it! This morning the fact that i hadn’t blogged for a few days, linked to the fact that we’re seeing that friend this afternoon motivated me to just get on with it!

So i sat next to our newly adopted guinea pigs, peppa and rosie, and crocheted while listening to their soothing sound of munching on hay!  I decided to crochet the edges together, which I’ve never done before, and rather than try to sew all the ends in (far too many ends to thread!)  i’d try to hook  them under the crochet as i went.  

I’m quite pleased with the view from this side as it looks quite neat and tidy. This was the side i was working on. Not so impressed with the other side of this edge, 

or the bit when i turn it inside out. 

But it’s an infinity scarf/snood thing, and really, who’s gonna look that closely at it when I’m wearing it?! I’m pleased with the end product, and I’m super pleased that I’ve finally turned that rectangle into something I’ll enjoy wearing during the rest of the winter. 

Now to figure out my next creative project and hopefully not leave it so long!