One properly finished top, and a new one started

Hey there everyone. Well this post is a bit delayed, as not only have I finished my top I’ve been wearing it for the last two days 😂.

I came home from my parents and unpicked the zip. I had marked with pins how much I wanted to take in, so then tacked the zip on using my machine. I thought I’d check it before properly top stitching it in place and discovered that although it fitted nicely i’d obviously not sewn it on evenly, so the zip caused bulges down the side. Well that’s not the look I was going for, but I discovered that the top had enough stretch in it for me to take it off over my head without undoing the zip, so then I unpicked the zip (again) and just sewed the seam together. And this is what I ended up with (excuse the weird pose – like a cormorant drying its wings – I didn’t want to obscure the sides with my arms!)

As I say, I’ve been wearing it yesterday afternoon and today and it’s really comfy and goes great with leggings. I still can’t quite believe I’ve made a top from a pattern. Thanks to my mum for helping me to get started and encouraging me to keep going even when I thought it would be too hard.

And now I’m actually feeling a bit confident with the whole dressmaking thing, and have gone ahead and cut my material for the next thing which is a dress by simplicity.

Material for the top part and the orange for the pockets
Material for the lower section

I’m super excited about this one, just nervous it will be too small. Cotton doesn’t stretch!