Clay dragon

Yesterday in school the students had to make clay dragon figureheads for a viking longship. I discovered that if I drew my own design the student I support began to incorporate some of my ideas into his own design. So I asked if I could have my own clay so I could model how to do things without having to modify his sculpture at all.

I followed his design (at least initially) and this is what I ended up with.

It was fun to sit with the students and work alongside them. I hope I modelled appropriately how to react when our sculpture doesn’t look as we’d hoped (when I put the mouth in and it didn’t go how I expected), and how to respond when a child tells you your model looks like a cow 😂😂. We all ended up encouraging and helping each other, which was really cool. It was also very relaxing and therapeutic to sit smoothing and shaping the clay.

No longer a giraffe…

This afternoon we’ve had a lovely bbq in a sunny garden. Initially my friend and her daughter were really pleased with the giraffe. But then I said that one of my blog readers thought it looked like puff the magic dragon would, and suddenly I was faced with the need to come up with a pair of wings!

So, after food I started. The first wing went pretty well, but given that I was experimenting as I went along I wasn’t convinced I’d be able to reproduce it to make a matching one! I played around with picot edgings and slip stitches until I was happy with the wavy edge.

Then the second wing went well until I realised I’d made it one row too long! But we decided that makes him quirky!

So here he is…. Inspecting the flowers in the garden!