No way! I programmed a computer game! 

I’m not quite sure how to write the words in my head…. Something like hahahaaaaaaa! Or ooooooooh! I’ve just used scratch to programme a computer game where a fish tries to catch starfish while avoiding killer octopusses (octopii?). 

Mark does programming for his job, and has  wanted to introduce me to it for a while. He was researching coding books as a birthday present for our niece and we decided it would be cool if i had one too! She’s gonna be 7,I’m 40,but never mind ! So this afternoon I followed the instructions in carol vorderman’s computer coding games for kids, which wasn’t particularly creative in a sense,  but helped me to learn about giving instructions for each character or object on the screen. But i got a bit more creative when i decided to change the colour of the octopeee(!) before she suggested that as an afterthought. Then the computer wouldn’t play the sounds that i told it to, so i got more creative and made the fish say yippee! when he got a starfish, and ow! when he hit an octopus and died. 

I look forward to being more creative with it in the future! 

As I’m tempted to feel very clever and intellectual as a result of doing this i just have to compare my book with the coding book mark was reading alongside me! 

But actually, i like the fact that my book has pictures! 

And finally… The ‘turn it off and on again’ mantra worked, and now the computer plays my sounds-hope you can hear them in this video. 

Hope you like the post, even though it’s a bit different from drawing, crochet and paper cutting!