Inktober day 6 – drooling

Hey there. I may be a glutton for punishment but today’s drawing is another baby’s face! It’s not perfect but I feel it may be an improvement on my attempt at my sleeping nephew!

It’s based on this picture and I used my unipin black fineliners and one of my whsmith grey fineliners to do some of the shading so it wouldn’t be quite so dark. I also added white highlights on the bubbles with a white uniball pen.

Here it is… What do you think?

Again I did a pencil outline to try to get proportions right first, which was helpful as I did have to rub out a few times!!

Craft swap

This evening I went to our local library where they have knit and natter on a Wednesday evening. Tonight they also had a craft swap. I came away with lots of bits of material that will hopefully feed my new found patchwork interest for a while! 

I also spent time there and then back in my garden with a lovely Korev lager, crocheting an octopus to send to a hospital for a premature baby. After about an hour and a half i have an octopus with one and a half legs! I love how their legs curl up as you do 2 or 3 double crochets (UK terms) in each of the chain. 

It took me a while to get used to crocheting with cotton, but it’s  ok now and I’m getting quicker with it. It was fun hanging out with lots of crafty people, and bizarre because when one lady asked what I was making and I told her she said “what, one of these?” and pulled a finished octopus out of her bag! She’d already made two, so it was handy to chat to her about it.