Today I’ve come to stay with Rosie (my goddaughter) and her family for a couple of days (enjoying my summer holidays while poor mark had to go home  to work!). I brought henna with me and we spent ages sat in  the garden this afternoon and evening doing designs on each other. Rosie did a seriously cool elephant on my hand, and a lovely flowery pattern on my ankle. 

I then followed her request to draw an ankle bracelet, which was really hard to do evenly as you have to keep moving to access different parts of the ankle, and try to make sure the lines will join up. I was a bit disappointed with how wobbly the lines are, but Rosie loves it so that’s all that matters! 

Then I did a combination of two designs she likes, which looked pretty cool. 

After that Rosie did a lush little seahorse on her mum, and then her  younger brother got in on the act and rosie went with star wars designs for him. 

It’s been lots of fun as always!