Quilted cushion cover

Yippee! I finally finished my quilted cushion cover. It’s been a long time coming but I’m so proud of the final result (even though when you look closely you can see a fair  amount of the stitching in places where it shouldn’t really be visible!)

Today we had our craft  session at church and I needed sue  to help show me how to fix the back onto  the quilted front.

Not at all bad for someone who thought they couldn’t sew and definitely didn’t like it!  I felt so  proud when one lady couldn’t believe I hadn’t used a sewing machine for any of it, and at the end when Sue told me she was proud of me. Thank you Sue for the opportunity to try something new that I’ve really enjoyed xxx


A clanger

This morning I realised I just needed a day at home as I totally couldn’t face seeing people. With  my depression right now most stuff feels like a real battle just to get through. This week was the first week back in school after 6 weeks of holiday, and I’ve been so tired, but not sleeping well either. Depression totally sucks 🙁. It’s meant I’ve not had energy  for doing any sort of craft during the week but this morning I got out my clanger keyring kit that Damian and lesley gave me a while back.

I cut out all the felt pieces and adapted the facial shape a bit.

Then I learnt how to do blanket stitch and worked that all the way round.

I really enjoyed adding all the parts to her, and I’m really pleased with how she’s turned out.

Hand sewing has  been relaxing and fulfilling, which is totally what I needed today!

Thank you damian and lesley, that was a lovely, and therapeutic gift 🤗

Which one? 

Hi  everyone, I’m after some more help please. A long while back I saw a picture of a corner to corner blanket made with a variegated wool from Australia. I absolutely loved it and looked to buy some of the wool. It turned out that I could only get it direct from Australia, and i resisted temptation for a while. Then I decided that although the wool was a bit more expensive than I would normally go for, it might just be worth it. But then… The bill got a bit big when I ordered 8 balls of it…. Then added on postage to the uk. But I still went for it and then guiltily told my husband, who questioned what would happen with customs… 😯… Oops… Really hadn’t even considered that expense  😳. So I now have some crazily expensive wool to make a single corner to corner blanket.

I started on it but was a bit frustrated that although the wool in the ball is quite soft, once i started crocheting with a 4mm hook it went quite hard.

After a chat with my cousin who also does crochet I wondered if a slightly bigger hook might make it feel softer. I tried with 5.5mm hook but it looked a bit odd, so then I worked with a 5mm hook instead.

So now I have two versions of the same blanket started and don’t know which to continue with. So here’s the choice :

5mm hook that is a bit softer than the smaller hook, though not as soft as I’d hope, and due to the not so close weave  might be nicer to wrap around you on a cold day

Or the 4mm one which is harder and less drapey, but i wonder if the pattern just looks better in this size.

It’s unlikely that i’ll keep the blanket, so i want to make sure i make the best choice… And especially as it was so  expensive!

What do you guys think? Am I being too picky about the pattern or does it really look better in the smaller hook?

Other updates from today… I FINALLY did the quilting on my cushion cover! Having bought a fabric pen to draw on the material I found out that it either didn’t show up on the darker fabric, or faded too quickly fit it to be of any use. So I cut out templates and pinned on paper versions to sew around.  It was tricky though and I’m sure it would have been neater if I’d been able to see a line, rather than having a slightly moving template that I had to keep lifting up to see where to put my needle.

It sort of doesn’t matter though as you can’t see the detail as much as I’d have liked, though you can see the design on some of the panels when the thread is more of a contrasting colour. I’m pleased with it though, and very glad to have got it to this stage.

Finally I’ve been colouring. I have a cool book called press out and colour birds and decided to use my sharpie markers to colour the peacock. It’s been quite relaxing, and nice to do while  watching educating cardiff on all 4. 

Eyes opened to stone work 

Since going on my stone carving workshop I have found myself viewing stone work with a lot more interest, and in a figent way to before. 

On holiday in Spain I enjoyed looking at the cathedrals and churches and wondering about the time it would have taken to do all the stone work. 

In an old building where I had hot chocolate I liked at the different faces of the stone walls and thought about the different techniques they had used to cut the stones to make the walls. 

And i loved going round an exhibition of the work of Jesus Otero. His first sculpture was done when he was 12

The relief figures of his family when he was 14 or 15

And he went on to make many more pieces. This was my favourite in the exhibition we saw. 

I am thrilled that exploring my own creativity has  opened my eyes to that of other people too. 

You can see more photos of Jesus otero’s work here

Colour and shape

It’s  been a while since I did any drawing of any sort, but today I felt inspired by a river I’m sitting by, and decided to use some chalk pastel colouring pencils to try to capture some of the different colours I could see in the water. 

I’m a bit disappointed that the white doesn’t show up on top as much as I wanted, and that in blending the other colours I ended up filling in more of the naturally white areas than I’d planned. But it was relaxing and calming just alternating my gaze between the flowing river and my paper. 

After I took the above photos to post on  here I suddenly wondered if I could add the gate on top using a fineliner pen. I looked at the shapes  on the gate and enjoyed following the swirls and going over them to make them a bit thicker. After I started I realised I hadn’t got the angle of the left hand gate right, but decided not to worry about it and just relaxed into adding shapes. 

I know it won’t win any prizes for accuracy, but i really enjoyed relaxing by studying this view and trying to capture aspects of it that I might otherwise overlook. It’s exciting at the moment to be working with some colour schemes that are not usually my colours of preference, but discovering that I’m enjoying them and their effects. 

In the end, whilst it looks a bit odd in the middle of the paper, I quite like the zoomed in view of my picture. 


I’ve  finished the shawl!! Yay ! And I’m really pleased with it. 

A long train journey got a big chunk of it done and then it wasn’t much effort to finish off with a double crochet border (gosh, I almost wrote single crochet then, which is despicable when I work in English terms not American!). 

Without further ado… Here are the pictures! 

Just testing its functionality!

And again, for a little bit longer!

Functionality tested, i just need to weave  in the ends and then part with it as i send  it off ready for Charlotte to keep cosy during the winter months. 

Crochet present

Last night, courtesy of Tracy’s blog post with her gorgeous pot holder pattern, i made a present for some friends we are going to visit today. 

I’d stumbled across some really pretty cotton in our local wool shop and thought the two sets of colours would look nice together. What I hadn’t realised was that she had recommended worsted wool, not the double knit i’d picked up. I seem to remember that I was meant to have learnt this lesson a short while ago?? Anyway, it works up fine in the lighter weight, I just hope it functions as a pot holder/trivet. Hopefully it will as  it has two layers crocheted together, plus a flower to give an extra bit of thickness. 

This took about 3 hours to make, and was a nicely repetitive pattern, perfect for making with some background tv. 

And a quick bonus photo for you of the shawl colours in daylight! Check out Cathy’s post for some gorgeous moorland photos.