Back with some crochet

For the first time in absolutely ages I’ve actually started a crochet project. An email From the crochet society telling me they had past boxes for sale for only £10 tempted me to look for a quick and easy project. I saw the gorgeous colours of this yarn and figured that either the shawl or baby blanket options would give me a repetitive pattern that I wouldn’t have to concentrate too hard for.

The baby blanket is perfect. I had to concentrate really hard on the first row of holes, to make sure I got them in just the right place, but after that I haven’t needed to do any counting as I can tell where the next holes need to be. I’ve gone wrong a couple of times with silly mistakes (like forgetting to skip stitches to make the holes) but the joy of this is that it’s really easy to spot the mistakes quickly so I haven’t had to rip back too much.

I’m really impressed with how much I’ve got done given that I only started it yesterday. Today’s crochet session wasn’t the most comfortable as I was sitting in the car while Mr E had his afternoon nap. But I did at least have a lovely woodland view at the time.

It’s not my favourite yarn to work with as it splits occasionally, but I love its colours. It’s almost mesmerising watching the colours change. I’m really glad I’ve found a nice little project to do. Here’s hoping I keep up the momentum and have a finished blanket in the not too distant future.


4 thoughts on “Back with some crochet”

  1. good to see you back, Julia. Mr E must have grown so much! ^^ Lovely start on a very pretty blanket.


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