Advent calendar!

Back at the beginning of the year I bought a Nativity garland set and the extension set from polychrome crafts with the idea of making an advent calendar for Mr E for this year. I suddenly realised that if I aimed to make one character a week then I would not get it done in time. Thankfully my sister and niece came to stay for a couple of days. It’s been awesome to see them and they’re the first people to stay with us since the start of the pandemic. Plus they both enjoy crafts, so over 3 of Mr E’s nap times and 3 evenings we’ve managed to cut out all the felt pieces and sew on the details for 16 of the pieces (plus half a sheep and half another camel!).

So that leaves me with 6 (and 2 halves) characters to add details to, and then blanket stitch and stuff them all.

I’m totally amazed at how much we got done, and super grateful to them both as I was rather daunted by how much there was to do and I probably would have just not started if it was going to be just down to me. Now it feels totally doable ๐Ÿ˜Š. Plus it’s lovely to have a craft to do that I can just get on with for part of a nap time.


8 thoughts on “Advent calendar!”

    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š Polychrome crafts designed them… We were just following instructions, but they’re fun to put together. It’ll be lovely when we hang one figure up a day in December until we have a full garland by Christmas day


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