A heron

This afternoon brought another invitation from my sister and my niecephews to draw. The subject this time was a heron, which I thought would be fine as I’ve drawn herons before. But then I discovered we were drawing a flying heron, which I thought would be hard.

We found this picture and got drawing.

Once again there are things I’m not happy with, like its eye, the over big lower wing and the fact that the wings don’t really look curved. But I like its neck and the shape of its head. And I really enjoyed looking at the detail of the feathers.

This time Mr E didn’t have to entertain himself as we managed to draw while he was having his afternoon nap, which was fab!


4 thoughts on “A heron”

  1. Love the drawing. You have really captured the essence of the heron. I love it when I see a heron flying. Sue


  2. That’s quite an ambitious drawing to undertake but very well done! I shall have to ask your sister and niecephews to show me their pictures. I noticed the other day that my blue-beaked blotchy bird is still on their display board!!!


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