Ages ago my mum gave me some gorgeous Lewis and Irene precut squares with puffins and sea themes on. Today I finally decided to have a go at doing something with them! I don’t really have an end product in mind though i guess it will be a small quilt. Having looked at the fabrics included in the pack I decided not to use 3 of the pairs of fabrics as I didn’t think they really matched and I put together the remaining 36 pieces in a 6×6 formation. I didn’t really know what I was doing with placement but worked out that I didn’t want puffin designs next to each other horizontally or vertically, and that I needed 2 puffin designs in each row. With a total of only 4 yellow pieces I limited them to one per row and just put them where I fancied! Now I’m wondering if I should have put the bottom right hand corner one on the row above so it was closer to the others… Possibly just swapping it for the grey puffin design (the one that looks a bit pink in my photos) , though that might make the yellow pieces too symmetrical. I realised there were darker blues, turquoisy blues and paler blues (plus pale yellow) and generally tried not to put any of these next to each other. I also didn’t like it if I put two different coloured fabrics of the same pattern next to each other, so I avoided that too! This is what I ended up with

Then I set to sewing the pieces together into rows, which was easy and quite therapeutic. I listened to my sewing music of imelda may, and then cosmo sheldrake.

Here are the patches I decided not to include in the piece.

Now I have to work out how to press the seams so that I can put the rows together and have the seams link. Any advice would be appreciated!

Then I need to go through my material stash and see if I have anything that will work as a border and anything big enough for the backing.

Does anyone have any advice on :

* if you would move the bottom right hand yellow square elsewhere in the quilt

* how to iron the seams…. Should I follow the rule to iron them all towards the darker patch or will this make it hard to link them when I join rows together… Or should I iron one row to the left and the next row to the right so they all link evenly?

7 thoughts on “Patchworking”

  1. Looking good. Yes iron the seams to the dark side. It should be opposite on both lines. They should then lock in. Practice before iron. Hope some of this makes sense.  With love Sue 

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  2. I love your layout and am glad you left those 6 other squares out.
    As for pressing, I would press seams to the left in odd rows and to the right in even rows, so they fit nicely together.


  3. I know nothing about seams so no advice on that front, but I think the yellow square looks good just where it is and that you made the right choice to leave those other squares out! They just don’t quite fit in.


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