At the weekend my sister and I took my mum on a wall hanging weaving course in Devon for her birthday.

It was organised by GoDeer and was a thoroughly enjoyable day. We started by learning how to string and tighten our ‘loom’ which was an old picture frame.

We had loads of different yarns, spun and unspun in many different colours. I decided I wanted to make an abstract piece just putting together interesting shapes and colours and had a lot of fun choosing the yarns I would include.

I had wondered how we would spend the entire day weaving but at the end I had to speed up to get it finished before the day ended! We could bring home materials to finish them off, but I know what I’m like and figured if I didn’t finish it then it would end up sitting around for ages not getting done.

That evening I sewed the ends in on the back

and this evening I cut all the warp strings and tied them off and sewed them in. Now all I need to do is find a nice piece of drift wood to hang it from and it will be able to go on the wall.

10 thoughts on “Weaving”

      1. if your mum’s weaving turned out as beautifully as yours, she won’t need to steal it lol


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