Some crochet rabbits and a fluke!

A couple of days ago my lodger asked if I could teach her to crochet as she wanted to make rabbits for her son’s baptism. She was eyeing up my toft bunny

but I figured that’s a bit complicated to start with. So I showed her how to chain and then double crochet (uk terms) into it. She did really well at keeping her rows all the same length, and her only issue was that the chain row was a bit tight (not sure there will ever be a beginner crocheter who doesn’t have that problem!).

In an hour she managed maybe 5 rows and was easily remembering what to do. The next night she carried on on her own with no further input from me, and she ended up with this.

On her next to final row she managed to miss the last stitch , so there is a little notch in the corner, but it wasn’t going to show in her final rabbit. I was so impressed by how straight her edges were and how neat her stitches turned out… I can’t believe this is her first ever attempt at crochet… I think she’s a natural.

She even got started on another one all by herself.

So this afternoon we sat down and sewed them up using these photos as guidance. And then we added pom pom tails.

Here are our finished rabbits

It’s quite nice that on a day when there is one less guinea pig in the world, as Rosie had to be put to sleep this morning after a week of being poorly, that there are 2 new crocheted rabbits ☺️.

Then, because I reorganised our whole living room due to there not being a guinea pig cage taking up lots of space any more, I took the opportunity to sort through my yarn. I found an old part-used ball of cotton and decided to make a flannel/washcloth from it. I’d found a tutorial for a corner to corner moss stitch washcloth on Ravelry, so had a go at that as I’ve never done moss stitch before.

The tutorial was great… What wasn’t great was that I realised I was likely to run out of yarn before the square was finished! Sure enough, 3 or 4 rows from the end I just had a tiny tail of cotton left. But then I had a cunning plan! What if I just chained it and joined it on, to create a hanging loop? Well now I think it looks like it’s a deliberate part of the design πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Sneaky but clever!

I love how this stitch looks, and how quickly the flannel worked up. More flannels coming this way soon!

16 thoughts on “Some crochet rabbits and a fluke!”

    1. Thank you. I do miss my piggy cuddles, but some friends of mine are getting piggies tomorrow and they’ve said I can cuddle them! Just so long as I don’t get broody for more of my own!!
      I thought my lodger did Γ  fab job with her rabbit… Mine was the pink one!

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