Shoreline purse

At Christmas my lovely friend Frances (libertasamericanaart) sent me a gorgeous handmade travel journal and a stunning crochet project. It uses Darn Good Yarn sport weight silk yarn, which is lovely to work with and smooth and soft, and just is the most amazing colour.

It came with a pattern to make a bobble stitch purse, which I have finally made a start on. I don’t always like the look of bobble stitch but these are so dinky and cute and I love the effect of them and the way the colours work through them.

I have so many unfinished projects in different bags at the moment, and no motivation to work through them. I’m really hoping this one doesn’t join them. It comes out when I’m watching trashy TV that doesn’t need my full attention… So we’ll see how quickly it grows!!


16 thoughts on “Shoreline purse”

  1. Julia, thank you so much for linking me in your post. I too have several unfinished projects. I am making it a goal this year to get focused and finish up things that have been hanging around.
    Good luck with your projects. The little purse looks lovely so far.


  2. Reblogged this on Byrd Song and commented:
    I have a lovely penpal in England who crochets. Last year, I subscribed to a yarn box for a few months so I would have projects to send her. She always sends me lovely papers and journaling supplies.
    You can follow her blog and read more about her projects here:


  3. You won’t be surprised to learn that I LOVE this colour, it’s in my favourite greeny-bluey-turquoisy range of colours…the bobble stitch looks very nice in this wool. I look forward to seeing the finished project, so I hope this won’t be consigned to the bag-of-unfinished-bits. Don’t know if that means I should hope for you to watch more trashy TV so you finish it?!!!


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