Camera pouch (hopefully)

Hey there everyone and happy new year to you all. I’ve missed being here but I’ve just not been at all motivated to craft much, so I’ve therefore had nothing to blog about. But today I got on with making my nephew’s Christmas present as we’re celebrating Christmas with them next weekend as we weren’t able to meet up on the holidays.

Anyway, my parents bought him a camera (which he’s already received) and my mum suggested I make him a pouch to keep it in. I wanted to make it padded, so I was able to have a go at using my free quilting foot for the first time.

I followed the instructions on this spoonflower blog, but adapted the sizing according to my mum’s measurements. Unfortunately now it’s done I don’t think it’s quite big enough. But now I’m going to wait and see and then if it’s too small I’ll make another one. The second attempt always goes better! Annoyingly, though, I don’t have enough of the dragon fabric to make a second one, and I think he’ll really like that fabric.

On the positive side :

  • My quilting looks ok
  • The pouch holds together!
  • I’m really pleased with how it looks
  • It’ll be useful for something else even if it doesn’t fit the camera!
  • I’ve got pretty good at changing the feet on my sewing machine, even when it involves changing the foot fixing part as well
  • I got to listen to cosmo sheldrake (one of my sewing albums!) for the first time in ages!

I’ll let you know if I end up making a bigger one! And I’ll hopefully get onto more crafting and you’ll see me here a bit more often πŸ˜‰


16 thoughts on “Camera pouch (hopefully)”

  1. It’s lovely! And that dragon fabric is awesome….I do hope the camera fits, but if not, the pouch will be useful for something else. Unless….can you insert some sort of gusset???? (What do I know, hardly ever sew anything). Anyway, cross that bridge if and when you come to it….!


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