Rather unsuccessful morning

At our craft session in church this morning my plan was to crochet the fourth square for my spirits of life shawl, and possibly begin to join them together. Instead here’s what I ended up with

Two hours of crochet, frog,crochet, exasperated sigh, frog again and I had little to show for it. Having finally got the central part of the square done and then looking at the pattern for adding the corners I realised I’d been working from the wrong document and have done the pattern for the original 4 squares, not the ones I was meant to be doing. Can you spot the difference?

So, now I have to start over with this particular square and just hope that this mistake doesn’t leave me short of yarn for finishing the project. If I happen to have any cotton left at the end then I might add a couple of rounds to this to make it into a coaster!


10 thoughts on “Rather unsuccessful morning”

  1. Growl hey! Just so annoying when this happens, and we have all done it. Good luck next time, and you will have learned the importance of checking before you begin….


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