Inktober day 29 – double

I’ve tried something a bit different today. I wanted to draw a jazz musician playing a double bass, and i wanted there to be a sense of movement and freedom in it. I wondered if attempting a continuous, single line drawing would help achieve that effect, so I gave it a go.

There are obvious things that haven’t really worked, like getting the body parts in proportion, but I do quite like the loose feel to it and the fact that I could add more lines when one wasn’t quite in the right place. That seemed to work better on the double bass itself, and I seemed to forget that I could do that on the musician himself (other than his face). Maybe it would have worked a little bit better if I’d done that. But it was a fun technique and one I’d like to try again


3 thoughts on “Inktober day 29 – double”

  1. Very clever use of the prompt. Great drawing. I have really enjoyed seeing all the different techniques you have tried. I’m going to annoy you now by going through all your posts to catch up! 😆


    1. It’s funny… Initially I wanted to ‘find’ my style, but I don’t feel that’s happened. I’m really glad I’ve had the opportunity and the inspiration to try out lots of different techniques. I read somewhere yesterday that drawing more often reduces the fear of not producing a perfect picture, and I’ve definitely found that this month


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