Finished toadstool

This evening I actually got out my old C2c blanket, and did a few rows on it while catching up with vanity fair on TV.

Then I put the radio on so I could concentrate on following the pattern for the rest of the toadstool. Here it is finished. I didn’t add the straw coloured skirt as I didn’t have the right coloured wool, but I still really like it.

As with all my creations it’s not perfect. I thought I’d followed the pattern correctly but I obviously did something wrong with the colour change so it’s a bit uneven on the edge… But I’m just going to argue that makes it more realistic as things in nature have little flaws too! Regardless, I still think it’s super cute!

Thank you to sonspopkes for the easy to follow pattern


25 thoughts on “Finished toadstool”

  1. I think its lovely. I have to concentrate to the radio as well. The trouble with us humans is we have to think every bit of craft or what ever should be perfect. Who among us is perfect? None of us. Its perfect in Gods eyes. With love Sue


    1. Indeed! Doing craft has definitely helped me to accept imperfections as they are what make each item unique, and in turn that helps me to begin to accept some of the imperfections I see in myself


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