Little gifts

This morning I worked on making some gifts to give to some friends we’re seeing in the next few days. I say friends, they’re friends of my husband’s who I’ve only seen at our wedding 3 and a half years ago. I’m not sure if I even spoke to them! It’ll be good to finally meet them but it made it a bit tricky to know what to take as a gift. I know they have a little boy who I think is about 18 months old. I decided to make him a little reversible bag which I’ve then put two small lift the flap books and some stickers in. I didn’t really have any boy fabrics but I think the spots and owls will be fine. Making it was pretty simple and I even caught myself when I was about to pin the handles on the wrong way round. But maybe I got overexcited about that as I then sewed the inner and outer parts together with two rows of stitching so that the handles were reinforced, but completely forgot that I needed to leave a gap to be able to turn it the right way out. So I unpicked two small sections, sewed over the ends of the stitching so hopefully they won’t come undone, and then hand stitched the top when it was all the right way round. I’m really pleased with the result.

For the wife I made a pot stand /hot pad thing. I made one for another friend ages ago and she uses hers all the time so I thought it would be a good gift… Decorative but functional.

I planned to try some free motion stitching on it but have discovered that although I can put the feed dogs down on my machine I need to get an additional quilting/free motion foot to go on it. Free motion stitching will have to wait for another day.

Stitching it all together with the wadding in the middle was fine, but I hit problems when I tried to attach the bias binding around the edge. Does anyone know of a good online tutorial that would show you how to put it on properly, getting neat corners around a square object?

I didn’t have my phone nearby and decided to wing it! I actually made my own bias binding (after my experience with my top) so I could use a patterned material for it. I pinned one side on, bending the corners up and then back on themselves as I would when edging a display board in school. Then I stitched all the way round 😂😂. Oops, then you’ve stitched things in place so you can’t fold them over the top to the other side. I unpicked those corner sections and it seemed to work then but I decided against pinning it in place as it wouldn’t sit flat and opted for ironing and then holding in place.

The finished result is OK… But only because its a patterned material. I’m not happy with it and think it’s quite messy, especially at the end of the binding. It’s still going to be given as a gift though and I hope it will still be useful.

And the husband? He’s getting chocolate! 🍫😂😂


19 thoughts on “Little gifts”

  1. Those are so cute!! Love that fabric and I think it looks wonderful. I tried making a hot pad a couple years ago and also struggled with making a neat corner. I also still gave it as the gift I had made it for and the bride to be loved it….thankfully.


  2. What lovely gifts! Very thoughtful of you. The bag will come in handy for the young man, and the decorative pot stands will get used I’m sure! I’m useless with a machine, so I’m afraid I can’t help with your finishing problems.


  3. When I was reading about you making a bag I thought awesome! I have a little one who just loves bags – I’m glad to read in the comments that the little one did indeed enjoy his bag!


  4. Love your fabrics, and thanks for sharing your story! I am just learning how to quilt and am starting with placemats and mug rugs. The clearest instructions I have found for mitred corners on bindings are given by Julie Cefalu. Google “The Quilt Show Tutorial: Julie Cefalu’s Tips, Tricks, & Techniques – Binding Tips 1” for a YouTube video. She’s an excellent instructor. Width of binding for small items like pot holders could be narrower than the 2.25 inches she recommends for quilts. I suggest 1.75 to 2 inches. Enjoy!


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