Another project bag

Well, yesterday evening I was replying to a comment on the post about my sister’s skirt when I suddenly realised that I need to make her second skirt before next weekend. Not only that but I also needed to put together a gift for a poorly friend, make a project bag, crochet a funky bag and crochet some flowers… All before next weekend (oops πŸ€”).

I had been planning an early night, but instead I nipped downstairs, uncovered sissy, loaded her bobbins, got cutting on my new much larger cutting mat that my lovely husband bought me, and made a project bag. It’s a bit unseasonal as it looks like Christmas material, but it’s for someone who collects gingerbread people and snowflakes, so I thought the material would be perfect for her.

I then sewed together the offcuts from the corners in order to make two little lavender pillows. I decided to make the hole quite small so I didn’t have to hand sew much but then I discovered how time consuming it is trying to turn an inside out item through a too small hole, and then trying to stuff Stuffing through it and funnel lavender flowers in. I got there in the end though!

I’m quite pleased as I used lavender from my garden that I’d picked and dried, which I think was from a plant grown from the lavender in my wedding bouquet. I need to check if I’ve remembered that right (mum…have I just made that up?!), but if I’m wrong then it’s from Γ  plant that my parents in law gave my husband when he had moved in (which is also a Nice story!) . We actually have two lavender plants and I took flowers from both. Oh goodness me, I’m waffling now about the origins of my lavender plants!! Hope you’re all still awake… Or not, actually, if you happen to be suffering from insomnia πŸ˜‚

I think I’d best sign off here… I think I am overexcited with weekend fever, and possibly the excitement of rain earlier in the day! Gonna try to calm down by crocheting a little flower from this months simply crochet magazine

But quickly, I made a little bookmark for my poorly friend’s parcel, using her initial. I’m quite pleased with it apart from the fact that the card bled a bit when I made the thicker areas. Might try water colour paper next time.

Have a lovely weekend everyone


10 thoughts on “Another project bag”

  1. I made the mistake of leaving too small a hole when making my first patchwork star, and I certainly won’t make it again! The bag and lavender pillows look gorgeous, matchy things like that are extra special πŸ™‚


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