Weekend crafting update

My sister came to stay, and her skirt fits (and she likes it)! So here are the photos as promised. I used the we all sew instructions for the wrap around skirt, but reduced the lower hem width to make it flare less.

I love using the variegated yarn and making double lines of stitching. And I’m really pleased at my totally made up pocket.

Also, on Saturday I went to some literature events at the cathedral, and discovered a table in the cloisters where you could have a go at calligraphy. Here are my attempts, guided by David Simons

Here are what the guy did, along with embellishments…. Now THAT I’d like to explore more.

I hadn’t realised that you do this with a pointed pen where the nib splits as you put pressure on it, and depending how far the sides split that determines how big a difference there is between the wide parts of the stroke and the thinner parts. He gave me a proper nib to try with… Now I just have to experiment with finding something to attach it to!

I think it will be a lot easier to make the designs even if I use lined guides rather than just going freehand. Maybe now is the time to bring out the calligraphy workbook my friend gave me for my birthday 😊


18 thoughts on “Weekend crafting update”

  1. The skirt is fantastic and I love the calligraphy. You seem to have a natural talent for it.


    1. Thank you so much. It was great to have the opportunity to try it at the cathedral and to chat and get advice from an expert. It was so lovely of him to give me the pen nib (did you realise I’ve attached it to one of the water colour pencils you sent me?!!) as I wouldn’t have had the guts to go out and buy one to start with

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      1. That’s fantastic Julia. Keep at it. I really think you have an innate talent for calligraphy.


    1. I was so pleased with it. Just need to make her a second one before next weekend now, having confirmed that she likes the second choice of material for a skirt (I knew she liked the material but wasn’t sure if she’d wear a skirt made of it). Oh dear, I have a few too many projects that I need to start and complete next week πŸ™


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