Stash buster update

Hi there

It’s been weeks and weeks since I added to my seaside stash buster blanket, so I’ve got really behind with eleonora’s CAL. But today I got going again!

Having had no energy yesterday and done pretty much nothing at all, today I felt a bit more with it, and decided to try to do some crochet and feel like I’d achieved something. I’d done the rows of shells a while back but not blogged about them I think, and I’d had a go at the long waves but they’d gone wrong and I’d had to frog them. So I started with the waves today and lo and behold they went wrong again! I checked I had the right number of stitches in the row (which amazingly I did!) and then decided to mark off every 14 stitches of the pattern so I could keep track as I went. This really helped and meant it ended up as it was supposed to.

In my first attempt the plan had been to use the variegated yarn for the first wave row and the grey yarn for the second row, but each row has a row of double crochet along the top and this looked really odd when I had the variegated yarn coming back the other way. So I decided to use the grey yarn for the double crochet row to look a bit like the top of a wave breaking, and repeat that on all the wave rows . I’m not sure if it shows up in the photo very well but there is a sparkle in the variegated yarn which makes it look like the sun is twinkling on the sea. I’m really pleased with these rows, and chuffed that my niece chose the colours for me.

I finished these rows in the afternoon and decided to profit from the nice weather and take a photo on the grass in our back garden.

Then I carried on, and I liked eleonora’s choice of red and thought it would be cool on my blanket too, so I went with that.

I liked the offset pattern and I love the little stars effect on the next rows. There’s been a fair bit more frogging, not least on the last row where I somehow ended up with 6 more stitches than I was meant to. But redoing it has meant its fine now… All ready for the pebbles which are the second part of week 13, and now I’m only a week and a half behind.

The advantage of spring /summer and my seriously early bed time means I popped out into the garden again to take the final photos. This time my lovely husband had cut the grass! So now I have a nicer background, but for some reason my phone does not always seem to focus properly! Oops… Hope you get the idea though 😳

I’m not sure how much progress I make this week as We’ll have to see how tired I am after work.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend of sunshine and craft 😊


30 thoughts on “Stash buster update”

    1. It’s a fun blanket to make and not too stressful to catch up with when I’ve missed a few weeks, which is perfect for me at the moment. My other CAL (which officially ended at Christmas) is sitting half finished in a bag πŸ™


  1. It looks lovely so far Julia. I’m not creative in this way, so it is fun to see how you progress through your projects.


  2. It’s looking great! I’m a bit behind too but it’s such a lovely pace that we can catch up when able, hope your feeling better and the arrival of the sunshine gives you more energy.😊


    1. I’ve finally caught up with it but haven’t blogged about it yet. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Unfortunately this won’t get sorted with nice weather but I have a gp appointment scheduled for next week to try to figure out what’s going on

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