Zentangles and progress on my crochet hook roll

Hey there everyone

Today I explored a new craft of zentangles. I’ve often seen hannah’s work on quiet water craft and been inspired, I’ve just not got round to trying them before. So today I started by following her tutorial for puf.

Here’s my go at it. It was simple and fun to do.

Then I scrolled through more of her posts until I came to another one I liked the look of called paradox. She linked to this tutorial, so I followed that, and produced this.

Again, it was simple to do, especially if you turned the page round for each line. It was relaxing as I did each line quite deliberately with a ruler. It’s so cool that you only draw straight lines but you end up with curved designs.

I’d love to know how to do the combination of them in the picture on her post here.

During the afternoon I came back to my crochet hook roll. It progressed a lot faster once the front pockets were finished and I was just working on the back, but I had trouble with the beads. I had some cute small beads I wanted to use but I couldn’t thread them on, so used bigger beads instead. They stayed there while I crocheted up the back and then did the top flap, but then I decided I really didn’t like them and would try the smaller beads instead again. For some reason this time they threaded on,so then I frogged the top of the pocket and replaced the beads, unfortunately breaking the wool as it had worn thin with all the friction. So then a game of yarn chicken ensued, which I happily won, only to discover that somehow all the beads were slightly offset from where they were meant to be anf didn’t mark the pocket entrances at all!

So frogging number 2 and numerous checks meant it ended up right. Poor yarn though has been through a lot and has definitely been weakened. Hopefully it’ll be OK now it’s crocheted up.

So then I just had to get the beads in the top flap to line up with the lower ones, and that’s me done for the evening.

Hopefully tomorrow I might manage to crochet round the edges and make the ammonite, but we’ll see !

20 thoughts on “Zentangles and progress on my crochet hook roll”

    1. Thank you so much. I maybe cheated with puf and drew the diagonal lines on first so that the pufs would all match them!
      I’m so pleased I managed to get these beads to thread in the end. I love how they make it look.

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      1. I’m sure there are some people who have a purist approach, but I do wonder how dull their lives must be 😉
        You can get really nitpicky and say using a ruler makes it ZIA (zentangle inspired art) rather than true zentangle, but life’s too short really!


    1. They’re really calming and therapeutic. It was the first time I’d tried them and I really enjoyed it. Check out hannah’s blog… She has lots of different ones on there and explanations of how to make them

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  1. Julie that is all very beautiful!! I love the line drawings and it’s making me want to give them a go! Thank you for sharing. Also love your hook roll. I’ve wanted to try crocheting with beads for a while now. Sounds like it was fun!! x


    1. It was a really easy pattern to follow, and the beads were easy to do once i’d got them threaded onto the wool in the first place .
      Check out quiet water craft blog (links in a previous post) for easy to follow tutorials on making zentangles. They’re simple to do but look more complicated once they’re done 😊


  2. The drawings make wonderful Op art. The second one reminds me of Escher’s work. Staircases that go nowhere. Your hook roll is lovely and a great idea for storing crotchet hooks.


    1. Thank you. I’ll definitely be doing more zentangle in the future. I was so pleased when I finally got those beads to thread, I loved their size and their colour and they make the roll feel really sophisticated and special 😊


      1. I didn’t feel like the zentangle took a lot of patience…. Mainly because its really simple to do. It was fun to have it in the table and just pick it up and do a couple of triangles at a time to chill out and grow the bigger pattern


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