A quick update… And a giveaway

This weekend hasn’t seen any crochet but I did add a button on to the purse I made

I got some gorgeous post including this gorgeous stash of papery goodies from the lovely rebecca

And this fantastic painting of a fieldfare from my 9 year old nephew.

I wrote a few letters and included these postcards I’d coloured in.

And now to the giveaway. I’d ordered a sewing book, but now that it’s arrived I’ve realised I’m unlikely to actually make anything from it… The things I like are too complicated, and the simpler things don’t appeal to me. But I figure there must be someone reading my blog who would like to make things from it, so it’s free to a good home

I was going to include photos of some of the things in it but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to with copyright, but if you click here you can see some of the makes. There’s also a giant octopus toy, a couple of quilt designs, and a very pretty paper piece appliqué cushion.

Let me know in the comments below and if more than one person is interested I’ll pull names out of a hat on Friday.

And just to finish, a couple of photos of some hardy little daffodils, standing up to the snow

23 thoughts on “A quick update… And a giveaway”

  1. The button looks perfect on your purse 👛 What a clever nephew you have and how lovely of him to send it to you 🙂 I was thinking of you this morning as I was colouring in in my faith journal (I thought of you at other times too but your lovely colouring reminded me of that particular time). So much snow today, a good day to be inside crafting 💐


    1. I was so excited to find the postcard from my nephew, and even more excited to turn it over and discover his gorgeous painting. I’m going to try to find a frame to put it in.
      Oooh, what were you colouring in? Funny… I was thinking of you this morning too 😃.
      We’ve had a fait bit of snow too. I love what it does to the light, making everything so much brighter. It did all fall in the house though when I opened the large window in my living room to take a photo of the garden!
      Hope you’ve had fun crafting 😊

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  2. That button is perfect on that purse! I also love the colored postcards. I have some scripturecards I should get to coloring.
    The sewing book looks interesting….I would love to be in a drawing for it.


    1. I know! Looking at his painting made me think I should try it out too! Shipping to the UK isn’t a problem as that’s where I live! But I’m happy to ship anywhere. I’ll add your name to the draw


  3. The purse is just “made” with the addition of that button. I do love a nice button. The bird drawing is very good indeed. I love the look of that book. I have made Tilda items before but this book had missed me. Please may I be included in any draw?


  4. The purse is beautiful and sunflowers are lucky in many cultures so great choice. Your nephew will be pleased if you frame his terrific painting. It’s great to get encouragement at a young age. Lovely to see photos of snow and early bulbs. No wonder you have been inside doing some colouring, but spring is just around the corner.


  5. Thank goodness spring is almost here in the southern US. Our daffodils are just about finished blooming, but the trees are still going and my cottage garden flowers are starting to peek out of the ground.

    Your post cards are lovely! I’m a painter of birds myself, so the watercolor piece by your nephew is very exciting to me.

    I am starting on some projects with fabric birds, so I would appreciate being added to your drawing if I’m not too far away. Thanks for the opportunity.


    1. Cool. I Love seeing the spring flowers, and especially the daffodils, as I had them in my wedding bouquet and on all the tables at our reception.
      I really want to have a go at painting a bird, but I’m not quite sure how to start! Probably just by getting out my paints!!
      Of course I’ll add you to the draw, though i think there’s only one project in there with birds on and it’s the seemingly complicated paper piecing appliqué cushion cover.

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      1. Sorry I have taken so long to respond to all of your comments Julia. I have been trying to finish a sketchbook project and work on building some furniture for an upcoming show.
        I think you should just pull out the paints and have a go at a bird painting. I really like to work in mixed media also if that’s something you might want to try. Maybe you could work out the ideas and composition that way, then use it as inspiration for a painting.


      2. I like the idea of mixed media and including paints as part of that. I definitely just need to have a go. Maybe at some point this weekend…. We’ll see! I’ve got as far as getting the paints out!


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