Cute little purse

Morning everyone!

Yesterday was a busy crochet day, though i also read a lot as I’m trying to work my through all the books my niecephews lent me so I can give them back when I see them over Easter. So In the morning I read pippi longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, and in the afternoon I started on my ammonite crochet hook roll. My new clover amour hooks arrived, so I was doubly motivated to get started on it. I figured out that the wool I bought in India is double knit (by following these useful rules involving wrapping the wool round a pencil and checking how many wraps there are per inch), so I could use it as I’d hoped.

Dedri’s photos and descriptions make it an easy pattern to follow, even though some parts of it are new techniques for me. So far the dividing parts seem to be lining up so that’s good news!

In the evening I went next door to ania’s. She’d discovered this cute purse

but wanted help to translate the Spanish video tutorial. We worked through it and wrote out our instructions, with diagrams to help us keep track of the increases for the flap, and then we sat down and made them.

We had a few issues with getting the initial chain right, but once we got going it seemed to work pretty well.

Here’s my purse doing an impression of a frog or a snake!

After just over 2 hours of crocheting this is what i’d made

It just needs a button now, which I’ll find and sew on later today. I’m so pleased with it, and although I just grabbed the first ball of yarn that came to hand, I really love the colour of it. I was so pleased too that I cotis understand the Spanish she used. Obviously there are crochet terms I don’t know, but that’s easily worked out from the video. I love how the puff stitches are called pinas… Or pineapples!

It was a fun evening, and it’s given me confidence that I’ll be able to follow the tutorial for the sheep I want to make, which is by the same Peruvian lady…. Watch this space!

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