Bustin’ the stash!

Hi all

Well, my spirits of life shawl has been scaring me, so I’ve done no crochet this week… Silly really, as its just the next C2C section and it’ll be fine… It’s just it will need concentration and i haven’t had the energy.

But, today I did part three of eleonora’s stash buster blanket. It was really satisfying to reverse the wave pattern of the row we finished with last time, and then she showed us how to make a really cute stitch that sort of looks like a star. The video she made really helped to clarify the instructions, but she’s right that it’s a simple stitch to do. The colours I chose are quite similar, so the stitch itself doesn’t show up that well in the photos

Once again I enjoyed choosing colours for my blanket (and it’s definitely going to be mine!), and having rearranged my wools into two sections, with variegated in one and single colours in another, with the smallest balls on top, I’m working through the smallest balls first. Many games of yarn chicken ensue. I lost the first with the yellow, so went back and did double crochets instead of trebles, which worked, but i had a fair bit left which made me wonder if I should have chosen half trebles… But by then I wasn’t going to frog again.

On the second game, I won… By this much!

I’m loving this non pressured CAL for making sure I do a bit of crochet every week, and for playing with colour, and for discovering new stitches.

And…. I get to meet eleonora in two weeks at the crochet sanctuary and I’m super excited to find out what she’ll get us making in the workshop she’s leading.

And finally, one other little creative offering… A drawing I did with our 2 year old goddaughter! The tree leaves a lot to be desired but i was pleased with my fox and the colours on the flowers! Hardly fine art, but definitely fun art !

30 thoughts on “Bustin’ the stash!”

    1. Thank you. It’s fun watching it come together. I’ve normally gone with colour recommendations for patterns, or just used one yarn (apart from my infinity scarf when I mixed any yarns and all sorts of different stitches). This is making me wonder why I don’t mix it up more often!
      You’ll be ok with double… It won’t take very long. Looking forward to seeing how yours looks 😊

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  1. You crochet is so colourful. Your blanket will be very dramatic when finished. I like your drawing. That fox is so cute.


  2. Your blanket is going to be so colourful and fun. I love the colours and patterns. Your fox is so sweet – he looks very content amongst the flowers (on a totally random side note; I have been doodling foxes this weekend in my sketch pad).


    1. Oooh, you should check this one out as it’s not too tricky and there’s only 4 rows each week. Give it a go… It’s a great way to improve your skills. And eleonora really explains new stitches well and gives helpful videos too. We’re only 3 weeks (12 rows) in, you could so catch up! It’s lots of fun 😊


      1. Hmm, I might have to check it out! And it would be a great way to finish something a little bigger, that is also Not boring! I am just waiting for my yarn order to arrive – I’ll let you know if I jump on board! πŸ˜‰


  3. You can’t beat a bit of brightness in crocheting or crafting in general! Never heard of the crochet sanctuary, sounds fun hope you have a good time – The fox drawing is super cute πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  4. I love the idea of making projects and setting aside time to experiment. I am doing something similar with a sketchbook project. I feel like I learned a lot of hard lessons last year and lost a lot of time in the studio so I was determined to get this year started in a better direction. I have really been enjoying the productivity and inspiration that comes from trying to do something in the studio every day, however small.
    I’m late going through my blog notices, so I know how the retreat goes. I love that idea and it looks like you get a lot of inspiration from it. Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my work and good luck with your blanket project!

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    1. That’s very cool that you are managing to get into the studio every day i don’t manage to craft every day, and benefit most from having a whole evening free to get stuck into something. Last night i managed half a sock, which I can hopefully finish tonight and blog about!


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