Copper hearts

I planned to make this at the weekend but didn’t have enough time. So this evening I sat down to work on the copper hearts from my first crafty creatives box. I thought it might look a bit rubbish, as when you first form the heart it looked a bit wobbly. But adding the swirls definitely changed things. It took quite a while to twist all the swirls but it was pretty therapeutic.

I’m excited as I’m going to take it into school tomorrow to add to our key stage 1 worship area in the hall.

31 thoughts on “Copper hearts”

  1. Amazing what you have done with copper wire. It looks like a beautiful artefact found in a ancient treasure hoard. Love it.


  2. As usual, I’m joining on the conversation very late, but I’m so pleased to see the hearts as the first bit of your six months of Christmas present! It really does look very effective. I wonder what the children (and staff?) might make of it on the worship table,


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