Look no ends! Plus happy mail

Well, I wasn’t necessarily planning to get all the ends sewn in, but i couldn’t quite bring myself to start the next C2C panel and decided to just spend a bit of time with the ends. An hour later and look….

They’re all gone!

That was the back, and here’s the front. It’s all ready for some more sections at the weekend.

Plus today I came home to exciting post. Thank you letters from my niecephews (always a joy to see their writing), a lovely parcel from my mum and dad who took two of my niecephews to hobby craft for something and ended up buying me two packs of fat quarters. Nephew number 4 (aged 5) chose me elephant fabrics

And niece (aged 7) chose me tropical ones due to the flamingoes.

I love that they chose them for me. Just got to decide what to make with them now! I think some might go into a patchwork cover for Cissy my sewing machine, and i have ideas about making myself a panel skirt and i think the elephants might have to feature in that!

Also in the post was my first craft box from the subscription my mum and dad gave me for Christmas. It’s a gorgeous copper heart that involves lots of twisting. I was tempted to start on it tonight but when I realised I have no plans for Saturday I figured the ends should maybe take priority for today!


31 thoughts on “Look no ends! Plus happy mail”

    1. Nice! We definitely need a gender neutral term for them in English…. It’s too much of a mouthful to keep saying niece and nephews! Thanks, it feels more inspiring to work on a ‘clean’ piece of crochet


      1. Glad you liked all your post! I thought it nice to let R and J buy something but they had so much for themselves at Christmas that when I saw the material stand I knew that would be a good thing to do! As for the crafty hearts, it all looks great and I hope you have fun with it. Well done, too, on dealing with all those ends. Sometimes we have to take your Hannah’s advice, take it into our own hands, and make it happen. I did just that over the last few days. Having bought 2 wedge shaped foam pieces and a rectangular one last summer and having the material ready to cover them, I actually made all three over the past two days and, though not perfect I am really chuffed with how they look and will enjoy using them! So thanks to Hannah (and another friend who also chivvied me) for helping me to make it happen.

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  1. Those fat quarters are lovely! I can’t wait to see what you do with them.
    I keep thinking I would like to learn to make clothes, but I can’t ever manage to find the time. I realized over the last couple of years that art is a bit of an obsession as well as a passion for me and have started weeding out all of the non-essential activities that get in the way. I do think that I can incorporate the sewing machine into the studio though, for tapestry and mixed media projects. I have a sturdy old machine from the 70s that will handle some pretty hefty materials/papers, so I hope to start making time to experiment with that.
    The heart project looks fun. Since I’m getting to my mail late, I hope you are in the midst of that right now and enjoying the project. I hope you will post when it is finished.


      1. Yes spotted some, hobbycraft as well. My shop is having a sale, so think tomorrow i will nip down. But try not to buy any yarn Grrrrr i want everything but need to be good LOL


  2. Well done on the ends of your project, it looks perfect. I love the fabric, you really got spoiled. So nice. The elephants are super cute. Enjoy the copper wire work, its looks very interesting. πŸ™‚


  3. Oh wow, the blanket looks awesome front AND back! Well done for getting all those ends sorted out. Looking forward to seeing the heart and whatever you make with the gorgeous fabric πŸ™‚


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