A bit more progress

This evening I’ve worked on the spirits of life CAL again. I’ve completed the 5 divider rows that go between the two C2C sections, and i decided that instead of starting the next C2C section I’d sew in some ends. It still looks like there are millions left but there’s a whole little pot full of ones I’ve done so I must have made SOME progress!

17 thoughts on “A bit more progress”

    1. Hmmmmm… Not sure! We’ll see! I’d love to get them all out of the way before new ones start appearing, but maybe I’ll do something like an hour of crochet and then 15 minutes of ends to break it all up a bit


      1. Actually the Sophie pattern does include instructions to work in the ends at various points, so there is a reminder and it feels like it’s part of the pattern, which I think is good.


      2. Oh that’s cool. That’s what this one had at the end of the first couple of sections. I’m not sure if it wasn’t written into the last one or if I skimmed over that part in my eagerness to get going with the next section!

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  1. It’s looking great! I’m one of those people who has to sew in the ends as I go, otherwise my project sits unfinished forever, because I hate that part.


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