Some successes…. And one not so much!

Hey there everyone. I’ve been catching up with a bit of crochet. The butterfly shawl is finally finished : I’m really pleased with it but I’ve realised I probably won’t wear it… Partly because it’s too green to match any of my outfits, and partly because I can’t see myself wearing a triangular shawl. Maybe I’ll have a go at making one in a rectangle and in different colours. I’ve also joined in Eleonora’s crochet along, with a stash busting blanket that requires 4 rows a week. Perfect! I’ve done my first four rows already, and am enjoying choosing colours and wools to use. Plus I decided I’d use this as an opportunity to have a go at learning a foundation treble crochet instead of crocheting a whole chain and then doing the first row. It looks a bit shorter than the next rows but I’m essentially happy with it! Finally I fancied joining in with rosina’s granny along. She also mentioned in one of her posts a heart blanket using squares from different people to make it up, that they will raffle to raise money for charities helping children who have great problems. I started working on one of the patterns but got myself very confused and ended up with too many puff stitches so it was growing too quickly. I was also reminded that I find puff stitches very frustrating as my hook often gets stuck or catches another bit of wool. So… It’s frogged, but it was fun having a go at it. Maybe I’ll try one of the other heart designs as there are several to choose from.

29 thoughts on “Some successes…. And one not so much!”

    1. That’s an interesting idea… I Hadn’t thought of that. I don’t really have any black clothes as my wardrobe has too much colour in it. The shawl served it’s purpose though by being a very enjoyable holiday project. I’m just pretty sure someone else will get more use out of it than me.

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  1. How gorgeous is that shawl! You could wear them like a scarf? I tried to make one but never went back to it lol. Your life will be changed with the foundation treble! It’s so much better especially those tedious projects 😃


    1. Thank you so much. Oh of course it could be a scarf… I Hadn’t thought of that either!! I’m so dense sometimes! The foundation treble came out of me seeing a tutorial for foundation half treble and it’s awesome… It was such a blessing not having to crochet into a long line of chain! I can’t believe I’ve crocheted this long without having heard of this technique!

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  2. I love the shawl, is it drapey enough to wear bandana style? Might be better than wearing the traditional shawl way? I’m glad I’m not alone with the puff stitch frustration too, I’m rubbish at them!


    1. It seems you can use it anywhere you’d have a chain and first row. Because it’s stretchy (unlike a chain) the fact that it looks shorter should be easily remedied with a bit of blocking. They advise using it to make hats so that the headband part has a stretch to it, but it definitely got rid of the frustration of a long chain which I always get twisted! Looking forward to part 2 of the CAL 😊

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  3. I have one big triangular shawl that I wear round my shoulders when I’m chilly working at the computer, but otherwise I cannot see the appeal of them. I do, however, love how the butterflies turned out.
    Not starting with a chain is great, but I always have to look up how to do it… it’s just one of those techniques that I simply can’t seem to remember.


  4. I wear triangular shawls at the front and wrap the ends around to the front, too. Much more wearable (and modern) that way. Seems a shame not to find a way that works for you after all that work!


  5. The shawl is so, so beautiful! Is it the right kind of yarn or right length that you could possibly tie it at the waist as a skirt/swimsuit cover too? I agree that it is so fun to try new techniques even if they end up Frogged. 🐸 😁


    1. I still haven’t decided what to do with the shawl! It seems that other people love it more than I do, so I’m very tempted to put it in a giveaway. Don’t get me wrong… I love the butterflies, but I’d have loved it more if there was less of the pale green in it, and more of the purple instead. But that’s just the way the wool worked


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