Crafty Christmas goodies

I’ve been meaning to post this since the weekend when we had our Christmas get together with my parents, my sister, brother in law and 4 niecephews. This was English Christmas after we’d had Latin American Christmas and Indian Christmas!

We gave lots of presents that we bought in india and that were appreciated. I also gave Mark this cable tidy that I made.

I couldn’t find a pattern that did what I wanted it to, so just made this up as I went along. My seam ripper

came in super handy as I realised I’d sewn ribbons in the wrong place, sewn wonky lines and who knows what else?! I learnt loads from my mistakes though, and I’m now even tempted to have a go at making another one in order to write up a tutorial for it. I’ve written instructions down but think that making it again would give me step by step photos, as well as checking that the instructions work. We’ll see though… There’s always something else to make!

I was also given some gorgeous crafty goodies. First up this cute felted sloth

Then a gorgeous embroidery my sister had made, inspired by my favourite children’s book series ‘the incorrigible children of Ashton place’ by Mary Rose Wood.

Three children who’d been brought up by wolves are taken on by a young governess. They all end up learning together and cassaeopia, the girl, embroiders this for her governess’ birthday. The embroidery is a sign of her new life and new skills and the word, with ‘awoo’ at the end hearkens back to the time when they spoke in howls, but now add it on the end of other words (hence the possible naming of my sewing machine sisawooo, instead of sissy!)

I was so touched by this gift it made me well up with tears. It was also lovely that number 2 nephew (aged 9) had been given the same two presents too, as he and I have both enjoyed the series of books… He introduced me to the first one and then I’ve been buying the others in the series and lending them to him once I’ve read them!

The same nephew made me a really cute pyrography owl

And my niece made me and mark hand stitched notebooks.

Both of them were really excited to give us our presents and to see if we liked them. I LOVE them!

Plus my niece had asked her mum if she could use a gift tag from one of her presents. It’s a dried satsuma/orange skin heart… What a cute idea

Then my mum and dad got me a couple of crafting books, which I look forward to dipping into

And my final present, a 6 month subscription to crafty creatives. I’m looking forward to getting the first box this month some time and finding out what craft I get to try first!

All in all its been a very crafty Christmas what with my sewing machine, these gifts, some threads for my sewing machine from aunt Joyce, and my stitching santa parcels. I’m a very happy girl! 😀

16 thoughts on “Crafty Christmas goodies”

  1. that’s a lovely haul and some gorgeous homemade gifts. The little satsuma skin gift tag is a really brilliant idea!


      1. It’s true that a lot of people don’t appreciate handmade gifts. I only ever give them to friends and relatives who I know will appreciate the work that goes into them otherwise it’s ‘pearls before swine’ 😉


  2. What a creative family you are. They are very lovely gifts. Talking of lovely gifts…………..

    I got home from picking up my kids from school earlier and my postman had just been. Thank you so much for my lovely surprise embroidery. I absolutely adore it and I am truly touched by it. I love what you wrote in the card and the analogy of the bees working hard together; making it happen. I don’t think I have enough words of gratitude to really express how I felt when I opened the package – You have made my week and probably my month. I am going to hang it on the wall above my desk so I will see it every time I am sat there and every time I walk into the room.

    Also, so glad your friend liked the necklace you bought off Etsy. I wondered if you were the customer that had me doing two happy dances as I cleaned my kitchen floor a few weeks ago. When I read about a blog post where you said where you lived I put 2 and 2 together but I wasn’t sure if I had the right answer.

    Are you happy for me to share photos of the lovely embroidery on my blog and social media? I will obviously give credit back to you.

    I hope you are having a great Friday.

    Hannah x


    1. Oh yippee! That arrived with you so quickly! Of course you can share photos… And now I can too as it won’t spoil the surprise! I’m so glad you liked it… I loved embroidering it for you. It’s made me smile thinking of you doing happy dances!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will never forget those happy dances – the plumbers had just left leaving my kitchen in a mess. I happy danced with my floor steam mop! I will do a blog post in the next few days hopefully and thank you again 🙂


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