Stitching santa – sewing edition

Today I finally got to go to the post office depot to pick up parcels that had been delivered while we were away in India. I was so excited about the idea that my stitching santa parcels would be there, but also a little worried that they might already have sent one of them back as they only hold on to parcels for 18 days and today could have been day 18 or 19 depending on how they calculated it. But my worried musings over whether they would be super organised and send stuff back quickly because otherwise they’d run out of room, vs the idea they might keep them slightly longer due to the abundance of bank holidays in this time were completely unnecessary! Both my stitching santa parcels were there!

I came home and over a nice cup of coffee opened the first one. It was from Tamsin of hazelnut thread.

All the parcels were individually wrapped in really cute woodland animal paper, which I might try to turn into something pretty!

The first item I opened was a gorgeous framed painting.

Then I discovered a super cute dachshund keyring sewing kit which I’m looking forward to making.

Next came a bag of beautiful green buttons. They are all shapes and sizes, and i’m excited about using some of the big ones to make more little buttoned pouches like the ones I had a go at yesterday, following this tutorial by see Kate sew. The photo really doesn’t do justice to the gorgeous colour of the buttons.

Next I opened a gift Tamsin had made for me. It’s three felt robins, and i love how one side has Christmassy writing on, and the other doesn’t, so i can keep it up as a decoration all year round. I’ve already hung it up on one of our curtain rails, where it balances out a wren hanging that my niece made for me.

The final present was another bag of gorgeous buttons, this time in different shades of blue. These will come in so handy for all sorts of different projects.

Oh, and also there was a really sweet hand made card. In it Tamsin apologised for the Robins (I sense we may be quite similar in having ideas but maybe having them not turn out as perfect as we’d hope, but the recipient actually being rather pleased with the item!!), but i really love them. They are birds, they’re hand made with love, and they are gorgeous.

What lovely gifts to start my day with.

Here are the gifts I sent as a sewing santa, based on seeing an elephant ornament that the recipient had:

Now I’m off to make a second cup of coffee and open my next stitching santa parcel🤗

13 thoughts on “Stitching santa – sewing edition”

  1. I just love those felt robins, the dachshund keyring kit and the cute buttons. What a lovely surprise to open up.


  2. Oh no, that feeling of doubt over whether or not your parcels would have been sent back! Lucky for you they weren’t or you wouldn’t have got those sweet little pouches either. What a good idea for a handmade card, too. Just lovely!


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