Dealing with ends

This evening I had a bit of time watching TV… There’s a new series of celebrity masterchef! So I could work on some crochet at the same time. I decided to tick one item off my to do list and weave in the ends on my rosie posie granny squares from cherry heart. I always find weaving ends a bit hit and miss , and just make it up as I go along. Is there a specific way it’s meant to be done? 

Having done this I now need to figure out how to join them, and I’d appreciate advice from anyone with ideas please. I really need about an inch between the squares but don’t know  if there’s a way to crochet that size of a border between them. 

Also, i don’t want to join them with one of the colours I’ve already used in the squares as I think that would look odd. At the moment i am considering pale grey. What do people think? 

I also remembered reading a blog about using bits of wool to make pretty dishes (I’m sorry, i don’t remember whose blog it was, though I’m half sure I commented on it… If it’s yours or you know whose it was then please comment before and I’ll link to it) and thought I’d try that with my ends, using the bottom of one of my pretty puffin bowls.

 Unfortunately I didn’t really have enough ends to make it very deep, so it may have to wait for more ends to be added! 

Finally, I carried on crocheting the shawl which is growing to a more decent size. Although each row takes longer to make I’m really enjoying working with this wool in these colours… It’s really soothing. The photo doesn’t do justice to the colours… I’ll try to take a photo in daylight so you can see the moorland colours better. 

Please do let me know :

How do you weave  in ends? 

Is there a way to crochet an inch join between my granny squares? 

What do you think about the pale grey, and do you have any suggestions of other colours that might work? 

Thank you all for your help. 😊


16 thoughts on “Dealing with ends”

  1. The Crochet Crowd has an article on 5 Ways to Join Crochet Motifs. If you found that none of the methods gave you a wide enough join in between, maybe you could make it appear a bit wider by doing a round of sc or something before joining.


  2. I was already thinking that pale grey would be a good joining colour, so yay for that! As for the inch border- that translates as half an inch border around each square, and if you can’t get that in one round, you could always have a multi-round border.


  3. If you do a granny square type join as you go (and I think pale grey would be great) that adds about half an each to each side of each square so that would be an inch between two squares. I would say go for it!


  4. I was thinking cream or off-white, something pale to make the colours stand out so pale grey gets my vote!
    With weaving in ends, the method I find works best is to weave them under a few stitches in one direction, then under a few in the opposite direction, then under a few in the first direction again. That means that either way the fabric is pulled, at least one direction of ends will be tightened up


  5. For granny square join as you go look on Attic24. I saw the bits of wool bowl on Rainbowjunkie corner. How about black for the join as in stained glass. I love the Puffin bowl.


    1. Fab, thank you. I’ll check out attic 24 as well. I can imagine black looking good, but i definitely have an aversion to crocheting in black and navy blue as I find it really hard to see the stitches. I have a set of puffin cups, teapot, jug and tea plates that was given to me over several birthdays and Christmases by my God father and his wife. Thanks for reminding me about rainbow junkie, and thank you for all your help


  6. Pale grey would look great! Really any neutral color would be nice. As far as ends go, I usually leave a very long tail so that it’s easier to sew them in with a lot of zigzaggy directions using a tapestry needle. Or with the long tails I crochet right over the top of them sometimes. If I’m using all the same color yarn I like to do an invisible Russian join between skeins so that you weave the end of one skein right into the start of the next one that way there are no ends to weave in! Youtube has a lot of great tutorials for doing this. πŸ˜€


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