2 pieces of exciting news

Yippee! I finished the spring fields baby blanket that I was pattern testing for Katie from creating time. I’m so pleased with it and really happy I finished it before the end of July, which was the target. 

Here it is, photographed in the sunshine

And here are a few close ups. I love the colours on it, and the only thing I’m disappointed with is the fact that I have holes in the bottoms of the flowers where I didn’t do the stitches tight enough. They don’t notice a lot in these photos but are more obvious in real life. 

It’s  been a fun pattern to follow, doing lots of front and back post stitches, popcorn stitches and techniques I’ve not used before, and I’m proud of myself for learning so much through making it, improving my skills as I went along, and responding to the challenge of trying something new. I adapted the distance between the leaves and the flowers as I realised I crocheted some rows more than once, and learnt the importance of marking off the rows on the pattern! 

I really enjoyed crocheting the border and seeing how that brought the whole blanket together. 
Thank you to katie for giving me the opportunity to test her pattern… It’s been fun! 

My second piece of exciting news is that I’ve got 50 WordPress followers!! So  that means a giveaway of an exciting prize of things I’ve made! You’ll have to wait a few days though as I’m away visiting my parents and then my God daughter and can’t do a photo of the prize as I don’t have it with me, but hopefully you’ll like it when I show you what you can win! 


23 thoughts on “2 pieces of exciting news”

  1. I’m thrilled to have seen the finished article in real life and I have to say it is gorgeous. The colours are lovely, but so is all the love and determination that has gone into making it and making good when mistakes were made. Well done my lovely daughter!!


    1. Thank you! It’s been fun to finish it off here while hanging out with you guys. And also to use your garden for the photo… I need to find a better backdrop for my photos than my living room carpet!


  2. Congratulations on both accomplishments! 😍 What an exciting day!
    The blanket is gorgeous! You picked lovely colors for this blanket. And…can’t you just see little baby fingers playing with the pretty leaves? 😊
    50 followers….Woohoo! A great milestone! Cheers to you 🥂
    Have a great time with your loved ones! ~ Tina xoxo


  3. Congratulations and Hooray!! The blanket came out really nice!! I love the colors too and it looks like it’s growing right out of the ground!!! What an awesome pattern to learn some new stitches and tricks on!!! Well done Julia!!! 😀


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