First ever piece of crochet

After Tina from kristabellashodgepodge commented that my blanket was likely to be significantly better than any of my first attempts at crochet I was inspired to venture up into the loft to see if I could find my first ever piece of work. 

As I recalled you could see more  strands  of wool than stitches, which is true, but i have to say that having found it out looks an awful lot better than it did in my imagination. Maybe there is a lesson for me here!! 😉

Here it is


9 thoughts on “First ever piece of crochet”

    1. I did do a very wonky square as another attempt, as i really didn’t get the whole ‘chain counts as a stitch’ thing at the end of rows, and never knew where I was supposed to make the first stitch. But I don’t have that any more. I definitely think my mind has a way of highlighting negatives and downplaying any positives, but I’m working on it and am getting better at issuing and remembering the positives…. Honest! 🙂

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      1. I think it looks good. The tension might be a little variable, but you could join this with a slew of others and have a perfectly lovely scarf, baby blanket, afghan, or whatever you wanted it to be.
        And variable tension is a challenge for all new crocheters, and some of us who aren’t so new.


  1. I think it’s a lovely first attempt. I would love to see you make another now and compare them side by side! I crocheted for years and years before I ever made a granny! 😀


  2. Not bad! Better than my first attempt. I remember the first thing I crocheted – rather an ambitious attempt to crochet a baby blanket whwn I was 13. I never finished it so I still have it (well my cat has it). The stitch work is terrible but its a great reminder of how far I have come!


    1. Gosh… That would be a rather ambitious first try! I did a couple of small things but then made a lush scarf which started with a crazily long chain. That first row was a nightmare but so worth it in the end


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