Birthday card

This evening I made a birthday card for a lovely man  in our church who has his birthday this week. He has significant learning difficulties and can’t communicate a lot but his mum was telling me today that he’s really excited that he’ll have balloons for his birthday. So, I thought that would be a good subject for his card. 

Having made the card, Mark and i have had a conversation about whether the strings would make it easier or harder for him to identify that they are balloons, but as i have no idea, I’m going with it, and I’m sure he’ll understand if someone  tells him what they are, as he definitely knows the word ‘balloons’. 

Whether he knows what they are or not i hope the card and little present I’ve got him communicate to him now much i think of him. He totally makes my day when his face breaks into the most massive smile you’ve ever seen, and he gives me a huge hug. 


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