An exciting award! 

I was so excited to be nominated for this award by the lovely Tina from kristabellashodgepodge. I’ve recently started following her blog which chats  about crafts, and baking amongst other things, and i particularly enjoyed her recent tutorial to make a really cute little crochet flower, in her series ‘new stitch sunday’. 

Thank you Tina for your kind nomination, and for your lovely, friendly and encouraging comments on my blog posts. It’s a pleasure to have met you here in blog land! 

My blog started because :

My husband Mark had been encouraging me to start writing a blog about crochet, but i didn’t feel I’d have enough to write about. But in the new year we talk about things we’d like to achieve in the coming year, and i thought I’d like to start writing a blog about different creative things i did. I hoped the blog would motivate me to do more creative things, and give me an excuse to book on  some interesting courses (stone carving coming up in the summer holidays, and blacksmith skills in the autumn!), and then write about them. I wanted to write about it in order to keep a record of all the things I was doing, but it’s turned into a way of meeting  like-minded people, sharing my creations with interested people, exploring the lessons I’m learning through craft and prompting  me to do more craft than I’ve ever done before (and as a by-product, filling  up a corner of our living room with boxes of stuff I might just want to use)! 

First piece of advice :

Blog because you want to. I’ve been blogging for 7 months, and if I was blogging in order to gain a huge following I’d be disappointed and might have given up by now. Looking at other blogs there are people with hundreds, and even thousands of followers, and as someone who compares myself (usually unfavourably) with others, that can be disheartening.  But having a smaller group of followers means I am getting to know some of the people through the comments  they leave for me and their blog posts. Blogging has an important role in giving me a way to reflect on the crafts I am doing, and the life lessons I am learning through them! Writing it down helps me to consolidate those lessons and also gives me an easy way to look back over all the things I have made in the first half of this year. Blogging is so much more than writing for an audience. 

Second piece of advice: 

Connect with the blogging world. Start by doing general searches of the areas you are interested in and have a look through some of the blogs that come up to see if you like what they are blogging about and if you like their style. Then comment on their posts. They may or may not respond to your comment but they will appreciate someone engaging with their post. Have a look at the other people who also comment on their posts as chances are their blogs may have similar themes that you would also be interested in. And, when people comment on your blog posts, make sure you engage with them and let them know you appreciate their comments. In my experience the people who have taken the time to comment on my posts have been really encouraging, kind and helpful and I’m motivated to keep going. All of this has resulted in feeling part of an ever expanding international community of people who are enjoying what they do, and who inspire me to make new and different  things, and who help me to see the good things in my creations even when they haven’t turned out how I expected. 

My nominees:

I know some people prefer to have award free blogs, and if I’ve managed not to notice that you are one of them then please do not be upset. Please just see my nomination as a recognition that I appreciate you and your blog, and don’t feel you have to write a post with your award. 

Jan at Jan made it, who blogs about gorgeous projects that I want to try

Pam at hooks and hills who inspires me to want to start way more projects than I have time for! And who introduced me to the idea of sexy crazy love notes 

Rose of my whimsical fancy partly because she has the word whimsical in her blog name but mainly because I enjoy reading her  blog and very much appreciate her becoming my pen pal

Tami of tanglewoodknots who makes beautiful things, gives good advice and inspires me to try new things

And Eleanor from coastal crochet who has helped me understand something about the links between crochet /craft and improving mental health, who makes beautiful things and then takes photos of them in beautiful locations including on the beach. 
Award rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief summary of how your blog started and give two pieces of blogging advice
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers for this award
  • Content on each blog to let them know that they are nominated and provide a link to your post announcing the award nomination

7 thoughts on “An exciting award! ”

  1. It is most definitely a pleasure to have you around in the blogging world 😍
    Thank you so much for your sweet and lovely words. 🤗
    ‘Blog because you want to’ that has to be the best advice ever. You’re right, if you go in because “it’s the thing right now”… the sloooow growing numbers will make you give up real quick 😉 It looks like we’re in it for the right reason….and numbers- but especially new friends- are the delicious cherry on top! 💜
    I’m looking forward to seeing many more of your posts! 🤗 ~ Tina xoxo


  2. Thank you so much Julia!! I feel exactly the way you do about blogging. When I started I’m really not sure how I expected it to be but I have been so blown away by what a fantastic community I find myself a part of. I’m so happy that we’ve bumped into each other in our blogland neighborhood!! I can’t wait to see your posts about blacksmithing!!! 😀


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