Craft session with rosie

My 15 year old god daughter is staying with us for a few days. She’s studying art as one of her gcse’s and wants to become an art therapist in the future, so we spent a while yesterday afternoon looking through my craft stuff and figuring out projects to do while she’s here. 

She fancied paper cutting, which unnerved me initially as it involved letting her loose with  a surgical blade! But I watched her do some practice cuts and realised she had loads of control. So she happily worked on a complicated tree pattern while I cut fabric for my next sprocket cushion. Here are photos of our time :

Proud of how I joined the elephants for the edging band
Not sure about the lighter patches
Going for darker sections from another collection of fabrics instead
Rosie getting started

Awesome paper cutting, with proof that somehow it is possible to cut a finger on the hand you’re holding the knife in!
Today we’re playing around with henna, finishing the paper cutting, and we’ve been to Slimbridge and sketched flamingos, but I’ll put that in another blog later. 

It’s fun doing crafts with another person! 


4 thoughts on “Craft session with rosie”

  1. takes lots of concentration and a steady hand to do paper cutting. So glad god daughter didn’t get blood on the paper when she cut her finger ^^


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