Friendship star

This evening I finished sewing together the friendship star to form part of a child’s quilt that a group of us are making. I’m really happy with it as it’s only a teeny bit wonky, and i realise that wonkiness is less noticeable with bigger patches. Also pleased, given that it’s only the second piece of patchwork I’ve sewn and I did it all by hand. I’m happy with my stitches too.

What I’m not so happy with is my husband pointing  at me and exclaiming “you’re ironing!” as I was pressing the seams. In  fairness, he’s never seen me do it before!

Whilst in hobby craft this afternoon I bought some 100% cotton yarn in order to make an octopus toy to give to a hospital for a premature baby. I’m always a fan of variegated wools, and i hope this makes the octopus look cool!



5 thoughts on “Friendship star”

  1. Ironing seems to me like the equivalent to weaving in the ends for crochet. I don’t even own an iron and my sewing machine and I are “frenemies” at best. Your Friendship Star looks great! And I think that yarn will make a really neat looking octopus! 🙂


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