Baby blanket finished 

This evening I’ve added rows  to the border and completed the baby blanket. I’m really pleased with how it looks, but disappointed with it overall as it is only 22inches square, and seems too small to be useful as a baby blanket. I’m not quite sure what to do with it now. I don’t want to add more border to it as i think it will start to look unbalanced and the middle will get lost. 

I got given a very cool present today as well, which will be a rainy day project. 

I get to make my own felt clanger keyring… Sooo cool. Thanks damian and lesley


5 thoughts on “Baby blanket finished ”

  1. It should be a perfect size for a newborn. And then it could become a little security blanket for the baby as he/she gets older. Or it could be a nice blanket for dolls!! Of if you really think it is too small for a blanket then it could be a cute little table cover for an end table or night stand. There really are lots of uses for a blanket this size! The important thing is – you had fun making it and it came out great!! 😀


  2. I think 22″ square is a good size and is bound to be useful and much appreciated by the family you;ve made it for. I love the border – the whole blanket really does look very good indeed.


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