It’s been a while, but today I got back into creativity and Sue taught me how to quilt my patchwork cushion cover. I’ve started by quilting ‘in the ditch’ and an really impressed by how neat the stitching is on the back! 

The massive white stitches are just to hold it all in place while I quilt! 

Once again I enjoyed hanging out with a group of people in my church, doing different  crafts, and i also made a start on a friendship star block, where each of us will make a block and then someone will quilt them all together to make a quilted for project Linus to give to a child. So far I’ve cut all the pieces and I’ve hand stitched the triangles together. 

It’s very cool to be working on a collaborative project, and to be making something for a child in need. Maybe I could incorporate prayer into the next lot of stitching that I do and pray  for the child that will receive it and their family. 

This evening I’ve finally got round  to starting  the border on the baby blanket, following a video tutorial by the crochet crowd for a border designed for c2c blankets. Their border only has 2 main rows round it but that still won’t make my blanket big enough, so I’m adapting as I go, in order to keep the style while giving myself the freedom to make it as big as i need. I think it looks good so far. The round i’m working on is the first bit of my adaptation. 

So now I have 3 projects on the go… One patchwork, one quilt age one crochet. Plus, i ordered some beautiful wool from Australia, which I’d seen on someone else’s blog (which I now can’t find again) which I want to crochet a corner to corner blanket/throw for myself. I justified buying it because I was going to make presents for other people with it, but after paying postage and customs charges the balls of wool have worked out rather expensive (oops). Anyway, it’s finally arrived after taking 3 days to get from Oz to the UK and then about 2weeks for me to finally be able to go and pick it up because it was just sitting in a sorting office without them actually sending it out. I was just relieved it wasn’t either lost, or sent back to Oz because it had been having around too long! 


3 thoughts on “Quilting”

  1. I love the way that the border is working with the C2C pattern! It is really bringing the whole thing together and highlighting the stitch pattern! Yellow was a perfect color choice for the border. 😀


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