Part finished

While catching up on masterchef from last night I finished the inner square for the baby blanket. It was pleasing how the corner to corner square started with a pink section, and ended with a blue section. That seems very appropriate seeing as the mum to be won’t know if it’s a girl or a boy until it is actually born. 

6 thoughts on “Part finished”

  1. I love that yarn! I really like the way that it played out through the rows of the pattern! Did you decide what you’re going to do for a border? 😀


    1. Not yet. I’ll pay a visit to the wool shop later this week and was thinking I might get something yellow. I don’t know whether to just do doubles round the border or whether to try to find a pattern for something a bit more interesting. Any suggestions?

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      1. I think yellow is a good choice. I find that when I want the border to not overshadow the pattern I just go with a neat and easy double stitch. Since she doesn’t know if it’s a boy or a girl then I would stay away from a fan/shell/or scallop since I think it looks girly. Maybe some nice picots? Crochet Crowd on YouTube had a series on borders, maybe something there will catch your eye. 😀


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