Beautiful slippers! 

They’re finished! 

I decided to crochet the second slipper properly, making sure the scales were offset this time.  I was worried that once I finished it I might decide to frog the top of slipper one to make it the same so a few days ago I sewed the ends in, added the buttons, and sewed the nonslip  backing  to the soles of both slippers to prevent me from doing that. 

Yesterday and today I have been off sick – getting dizzy and feeling off balance and like I’m gonna throw up every time I’m upright. Yesterday I couldn’t even crochet and spent the day lying flat. Today I’ve managed to prop myself up a little bit with my head resting on cushions so it can’t move, and i managed to crochet the last couple of rows to finish my second slipper. 

I’m pleased I followed  the pattern properly for the second one… I much prefer the scales offset. It makes me confident too that I can make another pair that match for my friend who asked if I could make some for her. That will be an interesting process as I don’t think I’ve ever crocheted the same thing twice before. I’ll make them from a different wool though, which will look a bit more wood nymph than crazy fairy! 

Here are some more pictures of my completed fairy/pixie boots, now keeping my feet cosy as I cwtch up with a blanket and rest on my sofa with a good book. 

Non slip backing – the kind you put under rugs. Hopefully this will stop me from wearing through the wool on the heel

Mis-matching scales but I don’t think they’re too obvious after all

Cute buttons

19 thoughts on “Beautiful slippers! ”

    1. Sorry, now I’ve just realised you are talking about the anti slip stuff, not the pattern for the soles! I got it from Wilkinson… My one did it in black or beige… This is the beige one which I think is more of a cream colour.

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  1. Now those look like some very happy feet!! I would be smiling from ear to ear every time I put them on! I would probably be trying to decide if it would be okay to wear them out and about running errands! Love the buttons – they are the perfect touch to these groovy slippers!!! 😀


    1. Thank you. Thank you for your inspiration to make them. I love the bird buttons but they’re not really functional… A bit too spiky to do up and undo, but i don’t need to undo them to put them in and off as the cuff is quite loose round my ankle


  2. They’re lovely – as everyone agrees!! The birds look like they’re each nesting on a scale! Sorry you’ve been feeling so unwell.
    xxx Mum


    1. Thank you. They’ll remind me of the bluetits we’ve had nesting in our nest box this year… I saw a fledgling come out the other day…. Super exciting! Still not feeling great today, am glad I’ve got the weekend to rest


  3. In fairness, the non slip backing wasn’t my idea at all but a lady at a knit and natter group I went to in the school holidays. Groups like that (and i guess following different blog posts) are really useful for getting slightly different ideas. I wasn’t sure how strong the backing would be in terms of whether the corners of the gaps where I’d sewn it on might rip, but so far I’ve had no problems.


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