And we’re off… 

Slipper number two is underway, and quite a lot further on than i’d hoped. 

Thankfully i’d commented on my blog yesterday that I’d be starting this slipper tonight. I really didn’t feel like it she just wanted to curl up with my book, but having said it publicly I thought I should start. I realised I was nervous about starting because I knew it without be tricky to get the edge of the shoe the same as the first slipper. I also realised I wouldn’t get over that till I actually started (which I would have to do in order to wear my slippers!). So I started and thought I’d get part of the sole done. 

Part of the style got frogged when I realised I’d done about 15 rows with 11 stitches in when they actually needed 12! But I got going again. 

I debated whether to do the edging as I was already tired, but i figured I could always frog again if needed. It was tricky as if I did it properly I should end up with 128 stitches, but slipper one went wrong and ended up with 122 stitches. Should I deliberately skip some and hope I didn’t accidentally miss any others, or just do it and hope I missed some like I did previously. I concentrated hard and deliberately missed out 6 stitches ,and miraculously didn’t miss any extra. 122 stitches! And feeling buoyed up by that I started on the first row of the edge. This makes me hopeful that they will now grow quite quickly if I do a bit of work on them at the weekend. 

However, I’m faced with a decision. I’ve realised that the scales are meant to be offset on each row. The first 3 rows on my first slipper are right, but the 3rd, 4th and 5th rows  are all in line with each other because I got cock and stopped following the pattern exactly! Options are:

A) Frog slipper one and do it properly

B) do slipper two the same as slipper one so it matches

C) do slipper two correctly and wear mis-matching slippers

What do you think? Please let me know


5 thoughts on “And we’re off… ”

  1. B I would match the pair. Nothing is perfect except God. Feet are usually a different size as well. They are your slippers and so unique (not spelt correctly). You have done really well. With love Sue

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  2. I would go with B or C. They are fun quirky slippers to begin with so not being ‘perfekt’ just adds to the whimsy! For me, projects that require me to make a pair of something is a bad idea right from the start – I tend to make tweaks and adjustments too that I don’t write down and hope that I will miraculously remember what I did on the second piece. 😀

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  3. I went for C in the end, but made sure I finished off slipper 1 first with buttons and all ends sewn in so I couldn’t be tempted to frog it after finishing slipper 2! Check out my new post to see how it turned out.


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