Scratch boards

Today after my trip to Slimbridge I called in at Gloucester services for a mooch round their shop. It’s a fab place with loads of local produce as well as funky gifts and quirky little things. Today I went for some craft things manufactured by Djeco. I love this company and have used one of their kits before. They produce stuff  in lots of different styles and their materials are really nice quality. Today I was tempted by some rubber stamps  that you carve out yourself, and some scratch boards. 
When I got home the sun was still  shining so I mowed  the lawn and then sat at our garden table enjoying the warmth and working on one of the scratch boards. This turned out to be a good plan as I didn’t have to worry about trying to get the bits I’d scratched off into a bin! 

One of the things I like about Djeco kits is they give you some form of printed outline and then picture instructions on what to do to fill in the gaps. This means the finished product should look good, but gives you scope to do your own thing as well. 

Here’s what I started with

And this is at the end of the first set of illustration instructions 

During that phase realised that it would be nice to give this to someone and so I started to pray for them as I worked on it. I love how I can learn things from art and it’s really lovely when those things can feed into a prayer for someone else. For example today I recognised that sometimes we get so focused in on  the tiny details that we have to deliberately stop what we are doing and move back a bit to view the bigger picture to see how what we are doing fits in with the whole. 

I also realised that even though a lot of the pattern was monotonous, and didn’t seem like much when you just looked at each tiny bit (like the details on the grass sections) actually without them the picture wouldn’t be making any progress. All too often I look at my life and think I’ve made no progress personally, or that the progress I’ve made is insignificant in the grand scheme of things (it’s like a couple of dots in the middle of a much bigger picture) but maybe those tiny bits of seemingly insignificant progress are important for the whole picture to look complete. 

Here are the last couple of stages of the picture developing :

And here’s the finished picture


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